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The Cat had lunch with her brother.


Since 1875


Their Spread

Their Spread

Belt fish, crab tofu, noodles greens.

Savory Shanghai Pastries

Savory Shanghai Pastries


Inside Turnip Pastry

Inside Turnip Pastry

The Mouse bought a “char siu” pork chop from the grocery store.

"Char Siu" Pork Chop

“Char Siu” Pork Chop

Definitely not pork belly. but, if you like to gnaw, it wasn’t too bad.

Lunch with previous job co-workers, NM Mariposa. Still dunno what to eat.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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The Cat’s Father

You may not think this post is not related to food. In a way we think it does.

I think I mentioned this before, The Cat’s grandfather used to own a coffee shop and later an ice cream shop in Shanghai. I believe these events shaped the way The Cat’s father and The Cat view food. The Cat’s father was willing to try many different foods at least once. In some ways, The Cat is the same.

The Cat’s father (let’s just call him Baba Miao) used to make his own bread. You may not think this is so unusual, but he was one-hundred percent Chinese, and not from the north where wheat is the primary carbohydrate. The Cat said he also used to make his own Chinese moon cakes (no small feat). The Cat’s brother said that recently, there is a trend in Shanghai for people to go to restaurants and “make their own” moon cake at a “cake bar”. The Cat’s father was decades ahead of his time.

The Cat recently received many old pictures that The Cat’s father had stored away. One of The Cat’s friends offered to scan them to digital format for her.

The Cat's Father

He was a school teacher by profession and spent some time in Tibet teaching.


The Cat’s father is on the left. We’re not sure who the other guy is.

The Cat’s father was an avid photographer and calligrapher. During his time in Tibet, he was tasked to paint huge banners (think the movie Hero). As he got older, he hand lettered scrolls using the ancient calligraphy style (all the characters look very square).

An all around nice guy.

In A Park

Happy Father’s Day Baba Miao, we miss you.

Happy Father’s Day to all.

The Cat (As written by The Mouse)

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Where Was The Cat?

From the previous post, you know The Cat went on an adventure. I don’t think we mentioned where she went. Can you guess by the pictures?



Hong Kong was The Cat’s first stop. She then went to Shanghai an a neighboring city.

The Cat’s grandfather once owned an American style coffee shop and ice cream shop in Shanghai. She was able to find the location (how neat is that).

Grandpa's Neighborhood

Former Ice Cream Shop Location

It’s now a “marriage shop”.

The Cat didn’t take many pictures of food. Either she took pictures of her hotel room, the bathrooms, forgot, or was halfway through eating before remembering. Sigh. This one needs much to learn hmm? 🙂

A few shots that could be salvaged.

Ham and Vegetable Roll

The roll is considered “new” Chinese cuisine.

Chinese Breakfast

Clockwise from top left, pan-fried dumplings, savory soft tofu, and baked char-siu pastry.

Dried Fish, Shanghai Style

The rest of the pictures were either blurry or half-eaten meals (we’ll spare you and your stomach the details).


The Cat (ghost written by The Mouse)

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Today, we are going back home. It’s was a very busy trip, not really a vacation, but enjoyable anyway.

Breakfast was at the hotel again (not complaining, just stating). You’ve seen it before, so no pictures.

We had leftover pastries from the previous night.

Chocolate Coffee Cake

Ichido Package

Chocolate Walnut Roll

85 Degree Cafe Package

We were planning to eat these while watching the closing ceremonies but we got sidetracked (in a very good way, see previous post).

I also bought another bottle of custard from Ichido (see previous trip). This is what the bottle looks like with the custard.

Custard from Ichido

Except for the custard (which I ate that night), we packed the pastries up (we might get hungry on our stop-over in Seoul).

Going off on a tangent (sort off). A few last pictures before leaving for the airport.

Roasted Sweet Potato and Corn Vendor

Park Near the Hotel

Okay, getting back to eating. We ate lunch at the airport after checking-in.

The Cat had pork rib noodles.

Pork Rib Noodles

The Cat’s brother had a beef set menu.

Set Menu

I had a shrimp and vegetable stir-fry.

Shrimp and Vegetable Stir-Fry

The food was good for airport food. The problem was it was kind of pricey. The cost of traveling I guess.

The meal on the flight from Shanghai to Seoul was less than two hours. Only one meal choice.

In-Flight Meal

Beef or pork with fried rice. This was pretty good. Especially the fried rice with gravy. Yum.

One of the distractions during the layover in Seoul was the procession of a royal court (enacted) through the terminal.

Make Way for the Royal Court

The Monarch Approaches

The Monarch and His Women

The Monarch's Posse

Ladies in Waiting

Eating pastries, watching a parade, window shopping, a pretty good layover.

For dinner, our choice was Bi Bim Bap (same as from Honolulu to Seoul). Yum.

Bi Bim Bap

If the caterers can only find a way to add a fried egg, then it would be perfect (that’s ok, still good).

For breakfast, we had a choice of zhou (aka jook) or croissant. You probably can guess The Cat’s Choice.


Just to be different, I chose the croissant.

Croissant Breakfast

This is the end of this journey. I think this is one of the few that we moved so often. Not my favorite way to travel but at least we got to travel, and I got real Beijing duck (worth it). Met old friends and new connections, ate great food, and got surprised more than once (in a good way). Plus I got to know my brother-in-law better (I think vice-versa too).

More journeys await. Bring it on!

I have one more post about this trip coming soon. Panjin rice and the effort it took to get it.

If I don’t get another post up by tomorrow, happy turkey day, or football day, or whatever.


The Mouse 🙂

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China, Day 11, Shanghai

One of the few non-travel days. I did not have any expectations for today but, it ended with a very pleasant surprise. The day started out with breakfast in the hotel.

Sample Breakfast Plate

This day, one selection was pickled garlic cloves (in the one o’clock position). The garlic was a little too intense for me, but worth the try. Another selection was “overcooked noodles.”

"Overcooked Noodles"

Normally, noodles are a bit chewy or “al dente” but according to The Cat, sometimes, the noodles are purposely “overcooked.” She said it’s home style comfort food. She slurped this bowl. 🙂

We took a quick run to Cheng Huang Miao (“City Goddess Temple”). It’s supposed to have one of the older temples in the city (I’ve never seen it). Over time, small vendors opened shops around the temple. When The Cat was a kitten, vendors would specialize in specific items (scissors, needles, buttons, chopsticks, and different kind of snacks for example). The Cat grew up around this area. Now it’s one of the visitor destinations for shopping and eating.

Now, in the middle of this old and venerated area, is this.


B, this picture is especially for you!

The time that we were in China, it’s supposed to be crab season. One of my favorite dishes is crab roe with doufu. Throughout this whole trip, while we had some pretty amazing food, we didn’t get to eat crab roe with doufu.

For lunch, we ate at one of the oldest restaurants in Shanghai.

"Shanghai Old Restaurant"

Engrish Description

We finally get our crab roe with doufu.

Crab Roe with Doufu

Mushroom Soup

"Wild Greens'

The food was not bad. Sadly, I’ve had better and less expensive. But, we did get to eat at one the city’s oldest restaurants.

The Cat wanted to get back to the hotel to watch the closing ceremonies of the Shanghai Expo. On the way back, we looked into the family style restaurant that had changed owner and we thought was lost forever (see previous post).

Low and behold, the former owner was inside. He said that the restaurant suffered after he left to the point where he had to take back the business. We weren’t planning to eat dinner tonight, but happy days were here again!

The owner brought back the chef and the food. We ordered some of our favorite dishes. The servings were so huge, we shared most of the food with them.

Charred Green Onions and Oil Noodles

Cucumber Salad with Garlic

Vegetable and Rice Soup

Stink Doufu!

We generally do not drink alcohol but we bought a bottle of beer to share with the owner and wish him success.


This was the first time we tried Harbin beer. I’m not sure whether we were so happy to see one of our favorite restaurants return or if the beer was really good, or a combination, but this beer was very good.

In closing, a few shots of the kitchen and the chefs.

We hope the restaurant is still there when we return. BTW, the restaurant was originally named Yangyang. The past and current owner plans to change it back to its original name. Yay!


The Mouse

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