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I’m still trying to perfect the charred spring onion noodles we ate in Shanghai (see 21 November 2010 post). This time, I used skinny spaghetti, peanut oil, spring onions (green onions), re-hydrated shiitake mushrooms (with dashi), crushed garlic (I cheated and used the pre-crushed garlic from the bottle, Shao Xing wine, salt, chili powder, sugar, and “crispy onions”.

The grocery store was having a clearance on the “crispy onions” (I think it was a Christmas item).

The suggestion on the package said it could be used for green bean casseroles (pass).

Charred Green Onion Pasta


I couldn’t get the oil hot enough so the onions wilted instead of charred. Still it was pretty tasty (but different). The crispy onions did give a good texture. The pasta noodles is closer to the noodles we ate in Shanghai (maybe there is something to the Marco Polo connection). I still think I need a dragon powered wok to do it properly.

The Cat said it was not bad, not authentic, but not bad. A definite try again. Keep on woking. It’s the journey as well as the destination. 🙂


The Mouse

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Our friend, the same one that gave us the eggplants last weekend, also gave us a whole bunch (no pun intended) of green onions.  The Cat helped to clean and cut them up.  I’m not sure what to do with so much green onions yet (that’s why I’m not an Iron Chef).  Going to the market(s) tomorrow to get some inspiration.  Wish us luck.

Green Onions

The Cat was teary (from the onions).

The Mouse is perplexed.

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