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Jus’ pics.

Pig Foot Soup Update

Season being summer, The Mouse didn’t want to make a “heavy” soup/broth. Used only half of the pork foot (froze the other half). Didn’t think the broth would jell. But it did! Yay!

Sorry picture not too appetizing, in real life, exciting. Hee.

Consistency is not “glue your lips together” sticky, just a light sticky. Hee hee.

Remember this bottle?

Bluegrass Soy Sauce

From the food enthusiast co-worker. Finally found something to try it on.


The soy sauce (shoyu in SPAM Land) has a softer taste, not as much fermented/umami taste, different but good. At least on The Mouse’s tongue. Mahalo Keawe!

Pahole (Warabi) and Tomato Salad

Tossed with just Kaua‘i salt.

That’s it for now. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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Egg McMuffin from Micky D

Shiso from our bucket. The Mouse thinks all (okay, most) sandwiches should come with a shiso option. Hee hee.

Ready to Nom

Ran an errand to Michael Mina’s “food court” concept at International Marketplace at Waikiki (same complex as Yauatcha), The Street. Chef Mina carries Chef’s chocolates (at “The Chocolate Bar”, cute ya?) and The Mouse wanted to check it out.


Impressive. What an opportunity for the Chef.


Like jewelry. Hee hee.


Dark chocolate “lava rocks” (mac nut “bon bons”). Simply boxed and ribboned. The Cat and The Mouse likes the presentation even though they are still trying to work out some of the kinks.

Gift Bag

Again, very subtle.

Fun fact, The Mouse was their first customer … ever! 🙂

On the way back, drive-thru, Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen, ran out of chicken sandwich (What!??) Ordered a fish sandwich.

Fish Sandwich

Not bad, pretty good actually, especially if compared with Micky D “Filet-o-Fish”. At least Popeye’s has a bit of green. Sure wish I had the foresight to bring more shiso.

Of course, can’t go to Popeye’s without a side order of red beans and rice.

Red Beans and Rice

Now, The Mouse has never experienced “authentic” red beans and rice, but for what it is (fast food), The Mouse likes Popeye’s.

Funny, The Cat also went (separately) to The Street to check it out, missed each other by an hour.




With decent parking at somewhat reasonable prices (with minimum purchase), seems like The Cat and The Mouse will be doing more exploring of the new International Marketplace, even though it’s in Waikiki.

Last snippet.

Breakfast yesterday.

Zippy’s Breakfast Bento #1

Corned beef hash, SPAM, scrambled eggs, rice. Should’ve ordered brown rice, too early, couldn’t think, before coffee. Corned beef nicely “charred” with kogi bits. Ate the rice and corned beef hash, saved the SPAM and eggs for lunch.

SPAM and Egg Sandwich

Two slices of whole wheat bread at the office, slightly toasted, SPAM, eggs, packet mayo. Not bad for unscheduled, impromptu sandwich. Missing that shiso again.

As mentioned in the previous almost not posted post (clearly operator error), gonna be a late one tonight.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Pickled Grape?

Yup. From Pipikaula and Pickles. They had a normal pickled mixed vegetable mix, but I thought this was more interesting.




Super tart. Pucker tart. Very little hint of sweetness.

Canned salmon, frozen vegetables, capers, and pickled grapes.

Mouse’s Dindin

Not bad, grapes have to paired with strong or oily foods to provide the counterbalance. Maybe next time, pickled grapes and smoked pork. Hmm.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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In our zip code neighborhood, a relatively limited number of eating places. While we have our favorites, the Sunday after farmers market meal can kinda get routine at times.

Today was Ruby Tuesday’s in the mall.

The Cat went with a full rack of ribs.

The Cat’s Plate

She eats part of the ribs, most of the sides, and takes home the ribs for weekday lunch(es).

The Mouse went with his sorta regular order.

Salad Bar Salad


Three Vegetable Sides

Normally, satisfied with the salad bar selection, today, the selections seemed a bit sparse. Mentioned it to our server, response was restaurant is short-handed, kitchen is working on it. Mind you, this was almost an hour after starting lunch service.

Also mentioned the observation to the manager a little while later. Her explanation was that corporate is updating the selections and the salad bar is currently in transition between items being phased out and new incoming items.

Manager still didn’t address The Mouse’s current situation, why am I paying for a full salad bar and getting one in “transition”? Some of the missing items were tomatoes and raw broccoli salad (with bacon). I think the manager needs some re-training. Ugh!

Might take a couple of weeks to “transition”. Hmm. I guess they’re not getting business from us for a “couple of weeks”.

Restaurant is still on The Cat’s approved list because of the mudd pie.

Mudd Pie

Next time though The Mouse will definitely scrutinize the salad bar before committing.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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“Poke” Another Way

Over the weekend, tried something “new-ish” at the mall.


Poke, made-to-order. Uhm okay, try try.

Pick a base, a protein, a sauce, and various accouterments to your taste.

I went with a small salad, salmon, wasabi, tobiko roe, furikake, and avocado.

The Mouse’s “Box”

On the plus side, everything is “fresh”. On the down side, everything is “fresh”. The flavors did not get a chance to combine and meld.

Sorry, I think I prefer the fresh made daily, pre-mixed poke style, but to each their own. Try try.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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