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Ruby Tuesday November special, select entrees and appetizer at special price. Basically, one entree almost free, almost.

Ribs, Baked, Baked Potato, Broccoli

The Cat’s go-to selection.

Sirloin Steak

The Mouse’s choice, medium rare. Contents may have shifted during travel. Hee hee.

Fried Shrimp Appetizer

The Cat liked. Well cooked.

We might be doing this again before the end of the month. 🙂

Not super cheap eats, but good enough.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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Flash Sale and Malasadas

Ruby Tuesday’s Tuesday flash sale.

Half Rack of Ribs, Mash Potato, Broccoli

Mango kiawe sauce on the side. Decent priced. Parts contributed to three meals. The Mouse’s dinner and two of The Cat’s bento.

And since The Mouse was craving something sugary, and the truck was in the area …


Cinnamon on the left, li hing mui on the right. The Mouse preferred the cinnamon, the li hing mui was sweet sour, different.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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The Mouse has been wanting to try Basalt at Dukes Lane for a while. But being located in Waikiki and not knowing where to park kinda hindered the try.

Since location is practically empty, The Cat and The Mouse finally tried, especially since prices were lowered for take-out plus an additional percentage off.



Pork Ribs

Spicy pineapple slaw, waffle fries, BBQ sauce. We substituted rice for the fries. The Cat was impressed with the amount of food, the price, and the packaging. Good job!

The Mouse had a burger. Again.

Basalt Burger

8oz wagyu beef patty, cheddar cheese, brioche bun, lettuce, tomato, sweet onion, Hawaiian Island dressing, french fries. The Mouse 86’ed the cheese and substituted rice for fries. Medium rare. Excellent.

Executive Chef Keith Kong recommended dessert.

Grand Marnier Mousse Cake

Dark chocolate devil’s food cake, raspberry sauce, mixed berries. Rich and decadent. Nom!

While the restaurant still offers take-out as they slowly re-open for sit down service, the discount is pau. Sigh.

Still, the prices are reasonable. When things settle down, The Cat and The Mouse probably will venture into the tourist jungle for a sit down.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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Restaurants are still in take-out mode. Monday dinner.

Hamburger, Baked Potato Substitute for Fries


Ribs, Mango Kiawe Sauce


Teri-Chicken Plate

Family style, take a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Enough food for The Cat and The Mouse to take two bento each for lunch.


Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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After a hiatus, back at Ruby Tuesday.

Kinda same-o-same-o.

Half Rack

For The Cat.

Classic Burger

For The Mouse.

No Mudd pie today. The Cat still trying to lose some “fluffiness”.

Instead, fruit and cottage cheese from the salad bar.

The Cat Playing with Food

The Mouse still trying to determine if influence is Rorschach or Pollock or someone/thing else. Feel free to add two cents. Hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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