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Take-Out Eats

While playing “tourist”.

Spicy Ahi Poke Wrap
Shoyu Ginger Poke
Bowl of Ramen
Chasiu Rice

Because The Mouse avoids soup noodles in take-out containers, it’s just not the same.

Lilikoi Mead

Reminded The Mouse of hard apple cider, light and refreshing, welcomed after driving/sightseeing all day. 🙂

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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The Cat and The Mouse finally gets to try Momosan, Iron Chef Morimoto’s take on ramen.




From the menu:

Kakuni bao 角煮サンド braised pork belly, lettuce, mustard mayo.

Softshell bao ソフトシェルクラブサンド tempura softshell crab, lettuce, pickled cucumber, spicy mayo.

Good to try, a little pricey, one and done.

The Cat’s Noods

Again, from the menu: momosan duck ramen モモさん ダックラーメン house roasted duck breast, cilantro, scallion, sliced white onion, duck broth, green onion, bean sprout, nori, ajitama. The Cat liked. 🙂

The Mouse’s Sampler Tray

Once more from the menu: tokyo chicken 東京チキン steamed chicken, aji-tama, menma, seared garlic chive, kikurage, toasted nori, soy tare; zuke don 漬けマグロ丼 soy marinated tuna, nori and scallion over rice.

Both were nom.

A definite return spot. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Saturday. “Business” meeting lasted a longer than expected. Drive home, prep and cook, wash dishes, a little overwhelming. Try a new-ish ramen shop.


The Cat translated to “smooth wind”.

Wall Art

Hee hee.

House-Made Gyoza

The Cat’s and The Mouse’s opinion? One of the best! Both socks off.



Tantan Men

The Cat’s, with extra vegetables. The Cat was happy.

Tokyo Tonkatsu Ramen

The Mouse’s, with extra vegetables. Slurp!

Finished off with chocolate mousse (house-made).

Chocolate Mousse


Satiated Cat and Mouse. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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The Cat had a spur of the moment inspiration to meet the double-hulled canoe, Hōkūleʻa, return from its three year around the world voyage.


In all, including the Hōkūleʻa, there were eight double-hulled canoes that joined in the procession.


Six from Hawai‘i, one from the Marshall Islands, and one from Tahiti.

After watching the canoes come in, The Cat and The Mouse were hot and sticky.

Breakfast needed to be cool and refreshing.

Açaí Bowl

From the Nordstrom ice cream shop.

After that, The Cat went off to finish some things at the office.

The Catʻs lunch.

Fruit Plate


Salami, Tomato, and Poached Egg on Toast

The Mouse went off to Walmart for a few things.

The Mouseʻs lunch, near Walmart, at the 808 Sheridan Center.


New-ish ramen joint.

Wall Decoration

The Mouse ordered one of their combos, to try a little bit of this and that.

Mini Miso Ramen


Mini Chicken Katsu Curry Rice


Four Piece Gyoza

Portions were pretty substantial, taste, very decent (nothing wow, but nothing to complain about). If in the area, may return.

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I guess sometimes The Bangles get it wrong. Yesterday was pretty manic.

It started Friday afternoon. One of the cans in the pantry was leaking. After the clean-up, thought it better to eat the contents of the cans the leaking can dripped on (no, I did not eat the contents of the compromised can).

Without going into details, I guess the combination was not too comfortable for The Mouse’s tummy. Stomach woke me up early Saturday morning needing … uhm … you get the idea.

After that, tried to go back to sleep and slightly overslept (hence the non-posting yesterday).

After some unexpected and time-consuming errands, a late breakfast/lunch gorge. Probably not the best course of action, but I was “starving”. Buffet lunch at Maple Garden/Yen King.



Choi sum, garlic eggplant, steamed fish, beef broccoli, salt and pepper shrimp. If the salt and pepper shrimp is right out of the wok, the shells are crispy and delicate like thin glass and I eat ’em shell, head, and all. Alas, the shrimp were not right out of the wok (buffet line syndrome), but they were still acceptable, just had to peel them.

A couple of hours later, another tummy grumble episode. Maybe The Mouse was slightly dehydrated after running errands.

Hungry again.

Checked out a “newish” Japanese bakery/eatery been curious about.

Sign, Pastry Island, Plate

Sign, Pastry Island, Plate

At the suggestion of the kitchen staff and counter sales people, selected two pastries for The Cat and one for The Mouse.

Mango Tart, Sweet Potato Bun, Pork Belly Bun

Mango Tart, Sweet Potato Bun, Pork Belly Bun

When the counter staff saw me trying to take a picture, they loaned me a plate so that it would be more “photogenic”. Cute ya?

Pork Belly, Hoisin Sauce Bun

Pork Belly, Hoisin Sauce Bun

Very tasty. definitely a “go back again item”.

A late dinner with The Cat (deadline pressure).

img_7957 v1


The Cat’s go-to comfort food dish here.

Vegetable Tan Tan Ramen

Vegetable Tan Tan Ramen

The Mouse’s “mixed rice”.

Shredded Pork and Szechuan Pickle Rice Bowl

Shredded Pork and Szechuan Pickle Rice Bowl

Only issue with Goma Tei is after eating, thirsty (dunno if it’s too much salt or MSG).

Finished the day/night with a stop at Starbucks (not for coffee).

Herbal Sangria Shaken "Tea"

Herbal Sangria Shaken “Tea”

No caffeine. Bonus, frozen raspberries and orange slices in the drink. 🙂

Sunday morning, no tummy issues for The Mouse. Happy happy.

Off to grocery shopping for the week. Hopefully no “mania” today.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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