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Little somethings from co-worker and friends.

Mint, Green Tea, and Raspberry?

Mint, Green Tea, and Raspberry?


Healthy Cereal? Sorry, don't read Japanese

Healthy Cereal? Sorry, don’t read Japanese

Both from Japan.



Not bad, crunchy with bits of dried fruit.

Pu-erh Tea Disks

Pu-erh Tea Disks

From China. From one of The Cat’s father’s friends. Supposed to be very expensive. More research needed.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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I think we’re in the wrong professions. The last time we were in China, we hauled back rice (see previous post). This time, The Cat hauled back tea. We should have been caravan traders.

One friend gave The Cat a box of tea containing sixteen packages of tea.


It’s called rock tea from the Fujian Provence. This is the green variety. A better description can be found here.

Another friend gave The Cat a box of tea containing four containers of white tea.

White Tea

The Cat bought a gift box of Pu-Erhtea to give away.

Pu-Erh Tea Gift Set

The tea on one side can be used immediately, the other side can be used or kept to age (like some wines).

Recently, another friend brought back a rather expensive brick of Pu-Erh tea that has the Olympic logo on it.

Pu-Erh Tea Brick

This brick is meant for aging.

Pu-Erh Tea in Bamboo

The Cat purchased this bamboo tube of Pu-Erh tea for us to try.

Oo Long Tea with Ginseng

The Cat also purchased Oo LongTea with Ginseng.

Ku Ding Cha

Finally, The Cat bought several packages of Ku Ding Cha (previously posted here). Kind of looks like something that could be illegal. 😉

I think more than half of The Cat’s suitcase was tea or tea related. We’ll be opening the T4U tea shop in the very near future (just kidding).

For the first tasting, we opened the rock tea from the Fujian Provence.

Rock Tea

Each container has four sealed bags.

Rock Tea

I estimate each bag can make about four to six servings (each portion of tea can be used about three times, my estimate).

Dried Tea Leaves


The tea has a very pleasant aroma, fresh and slightly flowery. The taste is light and slightly grassy. It’s become one of my favorite teas so far.

The tea went great with a bit of corn bread.

Corn Bread

Just because.

Stay tuned for further tea tasting adventures.


The Mouse

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