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Su Zhou Date Pastry

The Cat’s father’s friend’s son (was that confusing?), D, stopped over in Honolulu from Beijing. He’s on a whirlwind tour through the U.S. He gave us two packages of a Chinese pastry filled with dates and pine nuts. The pastry is supposed to be a specialty of the Su Zhou area.

Here’s the Wikipedia article about Su Zhou: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suzhou

I couldn’t find any information about the pastry. Each package contained two pastries.

Su Zhou Pastry

From the description and its appearance (dates, pine nuts, and sesame seeds), the pastry seemed to have a lot of promise.

Su Zhou Date Pastry

Here’s what the inside of the pastry looked like.


The taste was kind of dry and pasty. The pastry also did not have a lot of taste. The Cat also thought the filling tasted a little burnt. She also said it didn’t taste how she remembered it. I’m not sure if her palate changed or did the quality of the pastry changed. I’ve come to the conclusion that traditional Chinese pastries are not my favorite desserts. They are either too dry or too oily for my palate.

Still it was nice of him to think of us.

Maybe next time we can try it with sweetened tea or coffee.

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