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The Mouse was craving a liver pâté bahn mi sandwich, feeling maybe needing a little iron boost, Nearby Japanese/Vietnamese go-to restaurant.

Pâté Bahn Mi

Mmm! 🙂

Whenever The Cat and The Mouse visit Saito & Pho, majority of the time start with their spring rolls.

Spring Rolls

The accompanying noodles, vegetables, and herbs enhance the like. 🙂

The Cat ordered her usual oxtail pho, no picture, too many. Hee hee.

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

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At Last

I’ve been wanting banh mi for several weeks now. I love the ones that include pâté. My search brought me here.


Notice the almost neon pink paint, can’t miss it from the street.

Menu Cover


I know, I know, the important stuff.

Combo Banh Mi

Ham, Vietnamese sausage, and pâté. Freshly toasted bread, pickled vegetables, nom nom yum.


Banh mi and lemonade, kind of goes together for me. This one was a little too sweet, not enough lemon. Oh well.

They have some unusual fillings for their banh mi.


Maybe next time I’ll try the hamburger or vege, tofu, avocado banh mi. The Cat will probably go for the soft shell crab banh mi.

Too bad Etta James wasn’t singing in the background (just saying). 🙂


The Mouse

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