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Early morning, rushed off to get blood test, no food, “fasting” requirement. Picked up on the way home.

Fried Rice Breakfast

The Mouse’s, from the neighborhood grocery store. Fried rice, scrambled eggs, char siu (with an “r”). No kogi bits, but still good. Nom!

Picked up for The Cat.

French Toast


The Mouse still full from breakfast (it was larger than The Mouse is used to). Just a little “snack”.

“Acai” Bowl

Instead of all acai sorbet, The Mouse got one scoop of acai sorbet, one scoop of strawberry/guava sorbet, and one scoop o Ka‘u orange sorbet. Mmm!

Although The Mouse thinks leaving off the honey next time, too sticky, felt like a glue mouse trap. Hee hee!

Dinner was late, The Mouse on his own. The Cat stuck at her office. After a short nap, The Mouse headed over to the neighborhood chop suey.

Wor Mein

Noodles with vegetables (think deluxe saimin). The Mouse ordered wor won ton mein (noodles, won ton, vegetables). Kitchen forgot to add the won ton. Got to the bottom of the bowl, no won ton. Humph!

I guess in retrospect, the won ton may have been a little heavy for late eating, but stil … Sigh!

Kitty karry-out (Mr. Caswell‘s inventive wordplay, not The Mouse’s). was steamed buns and spicy eggplant. Too messy for picture.

So, an almost perfect (but still okay) day for The Mouse.

Enjoy. Eat well.


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The Cat can eat at home now (a break from crazy tax season). The Mouse cleaned out the pantry for The Cat’s soupy bowl.

The Cat’s Soupy Bowl

Pork broth, with pork belly, bamboo shoot, mushroom, white stem cabbage, dried ramen noodle, sea salt, egg drop at the last minute. Slurp!

The Cat picked up a hot dog from Costco for The Mouse. Warmed up the last of Chef H’s chili.

The Mouse’s Nom

Chili dog with fried pork skin (better than chips, maybe even better than fries). Big nom. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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A quick trip to Chinatown.

“Vegetarian Chop Suey”


Mushrooms and Bamboo Shoot

Two of The Cat’s favorite. Think Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. Hee hee.

Weather has been still a little iffey. Quick noodles at home.


Picked this up when The Mouse was looking for The Cat’s bilberry drops. The Mouse is not normally a fan of packaged noodles, too much fat and salt. But since it was in a health food store. Can’t be that bad, can it?

Sorta followed package directions. Added soybean and a tin of sardines in green chiles.

The Mouse’s Ramen Bowl

Slurp. So based on The Mouse after bowl reaction, did not get the dry mouth feel from too much MSG like other packages. Also did not get the heavy feel in the stomach from too much fat. So, must be healthier.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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No, not the malicious kind. Slurpy kind. AKA The Mouse’s instant noodles.

Okay, not so instant, but fast enough.

No saimin in the freezer, soba instead, enough SPAM for each slurp of noodle, Szechuan preserved vegetable, no dashi packet (the SPAM and Szechuan preserved vegetable provided enough flavor to make the dashi), and frozen mixed vegetables (a nod to the vegetables in instant cup noodles).

The Mouse’s Bowl o’ Noodles

A dash of wasabi sesame seed at the last-minute. The Mouse thinks his brother from another mother, Mr. G first introduced The Mouse to these little sprinkles of wasabi wow-ness. Definitely not The Cat’s bowl of noodles. Hee hee.

Let the slurping commence. 🙂

Happy holiday, if you are so lucky.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Newly purchased cans in the pantry.

First the winter bamboo shoots.

Winter Bamboo Shoots

Not much different from other canned bamboo shoots as far as The Mouse could tell, maybe just a little denser than others (cold weather?)

Next, the Szechuan preserved vegetable.

Preserved Vegetable

Mustard cabbage hearts in spicy paste (Chinese style kimchi?).

Rinsed off the paste (at least that’s how aunty taught The Mouse), otherwise too spicy.

Preserved Cabbage

Thinly cut the bamboo and mustard cabbage.

Bamboo and Mustard Cabbage

Water, soba noodle, bamboo, preserved vegetable, frozen mixed vegetable, Kaua‘i sea salt, egg, toasted sesame oil (at the end). The Mouse’s recipe, throw everything in the pot and hope for the best.

The Cat’s Noodle Soup

The Cat slurped.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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