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Only in SPAM Land?

Yesterday, chiropractor, dentist. Late breakfast/lunch, after 1:30 pm. The Mouse wanted something soupy, and maybe curry. Ramen combo near the grocery store.




The chasiu was very well prepared, moist, tender, and tasty.


Part of the combo, jus’ okay.

Last but not least, a new try for The Mouse.

SPAM Katsu Curry

What mad genius would think of battering and deep-frying a slice of SPAM. Wonderful NOM!

Curry was probably packaged Japanese style curry, which is okay, but the SPAM, salty, crusty. Happy Mouse.

Interior View

Now I realize this dish may not be for everyone, just the adventurous and the aficionados of SPAM. Hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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So, The Cat’s brother arrived yesterday, understandably wanted comfort food. The Mouse suggested Hong Kong Noodle House.


In retrospect, kinda dumb suggestion. Why would someone fly in from Hong Kong and then eat Hong Kong noodles in SPAM Land? In the end, it worked out since the soup noodles were comfort food. Hee hee.

The Cat’s Roast Duck Lai Funn Soup Bowl

Kinda like Chinese udon noodles. The Cat liked.

The Mouse’s Won Ton Mein

The Cat’s bro ordered beef stew noodle soup. He liked. Just like Hong Kong. 🙂

After a long plane flight, comfort food (however the definition) is a good thing.

The Noodle Master

The Hong Kong egg noodles are made in-house, the look funn and lai funn are outsourced. Maybe from Lam’s Kitchen? Dunno.

Nearby Butcher

Check out his chopping block, can’t get any more old school. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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The Cat’s Bowl

The Mouse really should’ve considered becoming a ramen cook (not chef). Hee hee.

Saturday’s (and sometimes Friday’s), refridge and pantry become “sparse”.

The Cat’s “mish-mash” noodle bowl.

The Cat’s Noodle Bowl

Dried seaweed, frozen soybeans, celery, turnip, leftover shoyu pork, spicy bamboo shoot, a combo of soba and somen noodles.

The Cat liked.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Home Cooked

The Cat’s noodle bowl:

Noodle Soup Bowl

Dried seaweed, frozen corn, egg noodles, cucumber, fried tofu, spicy bamboo shoot, salt.

The Mouse’s salad:


Cucumber, tomato, mandarin orange, apple vinegar, salt.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Soup-ed Up

This week’s soup. Still pork foot (the other half from last week).

Pork Foot Bone

Instead of the usual “just broth” (bone, liquor, vinegar), The Mouse decided to add a few more ingredients .

Dried Mushrooms and Wood Ear Fungus

Soaked overnight.

Low and slow for about seven hours.

Pork Foot – Cooked

Falling off the bone. 🙂


Because of the mushrooms and fungus, this week’s broth is more “welcome to the dark side”. Hee hee.

The Cat’s Bowl of Noodles in Pork Foot Soup

Celery, soy beans, fried tofu, soba noodles. Slurp.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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