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The Cat picked up Chinese take-out.

Garlic Sauce Eggplant


Pan-Fry String Beans


Salt & Pepper Pork Chop

Wishing all a happy new year. 

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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Christmas eve dinner was sooooo good we had to come back for new year’s eve dinner. Padovani’s Grill (1341 Kapiolani Boulevard, Honolulu, Hawaii). This time to share with some of our relatives (P & B and Aunty M). I’ll just let the pictures tell the story.

Amuse-Bouche (Vegetarian)

Creamy Avocado Soup.


Sautéed Scallops, Creamy Flying Fish Roe.

Did the socks come off? A definite yes (I should have known better and just worn flip-flops to dinner). 😀

1st Course (Vegetarian)

Tart of Sautéed Hamakua Mushrooms, Confit of Onions, Mesculun Salad, Tarturata (Mushrooms, Olives & Truffle Sauce). Sorry, the angle was wrong, I was leaning over someone else’s plate. Trust me the mushroom tart looked good.

1st Course

Tart of Pan-Fried Foie Gras of Duck, Sautéed Hamakua Mushrooms, Confit of Onions, Mesculun Salad, Port Sauce. P said the tart was “like buttah”.

1st Course

Terrine of Foie Gras of Duck (Hudson Valley), Pickle Ginger Plum Chutney, Toasted.


The terrine was my first course, speechless.

2nd Course (Vegetarian)

Hearts of Palm Salad, Haricort Vert, and Maui Onion Salad, Jerez Vinaigrette.

2nd Course

Sautéed Pacific Blue Shrimp, Fresh Hearts of Palm, Haricort Vert, and Maui Onion Salad.

2nd Course

Poached Oysters, Sabayon of Champagne Basil. Almost licked the plate on this one.

3rd Course

Fresh Artichoke Heart, Sautéed Fresh Spinach, Essence of Garlic.

3rd Course

Poached Fresh Maine Lobster, Aromatic Broth of Hamakua Mushrooms. Still restraining myself from licking the plate.

4th Course (Vegetarian)

Risotto of Porcini, Asparagus, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Corn.

4th Course

Pan-Fried Filet of John Dory, Marinière Tomatoes Seaweed Herbs Sauce. The picture may not look so good, all I can say is don’t judge a book by its cover. 😉

5th Course

Intermission. Lemon Sorbet.

6th Course (Vegetarian)

Grilled Seasonal Vegetables with Fresh Thyme, Marinated in Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar.

6th Course

Roasted Crispy Duck Breast, Pickled Ginger Plum Sauce, Sautéed Endive, Okinawa & Sweet Potato Purée.

6th Course

Roasted Lamb Tenderloin, Truffles Sauce, Fricassee of Seasonal Vegetables & Gnocchi. Still restraining myself.

7th Course (Vegetarian)

Belgian Endive Salad, Roquefort Cheese, Toasted Almonds & Fresh Herbs.

7th Course

Ravioli of Goat Cheese & Herbs, Mesculun Salad, Hazelnut Vinaigrette.

8th Course

Chocolate Marquise, Chilled Creamy Chocolate Mousse, Lady Finger Matcha Green Tea Flavor with Rum. Ice Walnut Soufflé, Vanilla Sauce. The chocolate shell on the left was filled with the soufflé. When you cracked the shell, the smoothest filling you could ever imagine spilled out. Still restraining.

Padovani's Chocolates

At this point we were all stuffed. We gave Aunty M the chocolates to take home. Score!



Wishing you all a healthy, happy, and prosperous new year! Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!


The Mouse (& The Cat)

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