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Got home late, post tomorrow hopefully.

Have a memorial service to attend to tomorrow. Post might be delayed again. Cross your fingers that it’s not.


The Mouse

p.s. Okay, and forgot to hit publish.

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Please Stand By

Try tomorrow.

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Pardon, no posting today (The Mouse fell asleep). Tomorrow for sure.

The Mouse

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Another eating event hosted by the brothers “stationed” at the Marianists center ( the university is located on Marianist property). The brothers seem to like to host eating events, I think Iʻve eaten at four of five already. Today was to “celebrate” the last day of university instruction (finals) before summer break.

The Mouseʻs Plate

Roast beef, French cut string beans (with bacon!). salsa (The Mouse did not take a quesadilla wedge), sausage puff pastry, fried southwest wonton (donʻt ask), shrimp shumai (I think it was premade, frozen), and pita bread.

Not too shabby for institution campus catering.

Have a great weekend.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Nothing much, just stuff we ate.

Breakfast Sandwich

Ham, egg, biscuit, Vegemite (added by The Mouse). Nom. The Vegemite made the sandwich so much more “deep”. Hee hee.

“The Kitchen Sink”

The last of it. Frozen spinach, soybean, chickpeas, Okinawan sweet potato, coconut milk, curry powder. With a bit of tweaking, I may even bring this to the next office potluck.

Hamachi Poke

Picked up today, after running an errand, from Tamuraʻs. The Cat liked.

Tomorrow is Friday! Aloha!

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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