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Operating system (not The Mouse’s computer) update prevented normal operations. Dumb Microsoft. Ick!

Finally able to download pictures. Update took forever (more like over an hour). Returning to normal programming as soon as The Mouse can resize and crop the pictures. Probably tomorrow.

Good night.

The Mouse

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Doctor “suggested” The Mouse cut down on carbs. Rice is now occasionally (once or twice a week), bread went from four to six slices a day (depending if The Mouse ate rice or not) to two. Instead of two slice servings, now one slice.


Slice of whole wheat toast (from JJ2 Bakery), margarine (with flax seed), and Vegemite. Tea or coffee (mostly green tea).


Another whole wheat toast, this time with jam and peanut butter, orange, banana, toaster roasted carrot.

Not missing the carbs too much. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Got home late, post tomorrow hopefully.

Have a memorial service to attend to tomorrow. Post might be delayed again. Cross your fingers that it’s not.


The Mouse

p.s. Okay, and forgot to hit publish.

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Please Stand By

Try tomorrow.

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Pardon, no posting today (The Mouse fell asleep). Tomorrow for sure.

The Mouse

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