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This past weekend. Potluck with some friends. They’re big animal protein eaters (aka carnivores), so they prepared …

Grilled Tri-Tip Steak

Baked Salmon, Asian Flavor

The secret to the salmon is a coating of mayonnaise to seal the fish from drying out. I may try this one day.

We contributed a pot of vegetable stew (ratatouille-style).

Vegetable Stew

I know, it’s not pretty (didn’t have time to prepare it in layers like Julia Childs or Remy), just threw everything in a pot with a jar of pasta sauce and simmered. The Cat approved.

We also brought a box of dark chocolate matcha green tea and coffee chocolates from Chef Padovani.


I’ve posted about these before. The coffee bean shaped ones are coffee and the seven-sided ones are the matcha green tea. Did I mention that the matcha green tea chocolates were originally made for Iron Chef Morimoto? I think I did. The initial matcha green tea ingredient came from the Iron Chef himself. I don’t know where the current supply is from.

We ate, we laughed, and we teased. Good times.

Enjoy. Eat well.


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I bought a coupon from one of those social networking sites for this vendor (I keep forgetting to take a picture of signs, my bad). The coupon basically doubled my purchasing power. Last week, I split the coupon between us and our cousins, P&B. The owner is one of the original founding members of the Hawai`i Regional Cuisine movement.

He hand makes his chocolate creations using locally sourced products (except for the chocolate). A sampling:

Island Ginger

Solid Dark Chocolate

Apple Banana

Macadamia Lava Rock

Almond Lava Rock

Kona Coffee

Matcha Green Tea

The matcha green tea chocolate was originally made for one of the Iron Chefs. It was so good, the owner decided to offer it as a selection. With the coupon, we were able to select ten pieces.


If I had to pick, my favorites were the Kona coffee and the matcha green tea. Both had such intense flavor (coffee and tea respectively), there was no doubt of the flavor. A box of just the Kona coffee and matcha green tea chocolates and I’d be a happy mouse.

It’s a little (okay quite a bit) pricey for everyday candy, but for a special treat (whether for oneself or for gifts), I’d seriously consider getting some chocolates for here. Good thing there was that coupon thing going on otherwise we’d probably not go looking for the shop. 🙂


The Mouse

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