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The Mouse was jonesing for liver yesterday. Used to be a staple on many “diner” style restaurants. Nowadays, kinda hard to find on menus. Luckily one of The Mouse’s “go-to” drive inns (Meg’s Drive Inn) still serve.

Liver with Onions and Bacon

A mess of onions and bacon. Yum! Happy Mouse!

Of course, couldn’t leave the place without ordering The Mouse’s favorite soft drink, strictly for nostalgic purposes. Hee hee.

Green River

A great start to a three-day weekend. 🙂

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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An Indulgence

Stayed out fairly late today. Not real late, but late enough for me not to want to go home and prepare dinner. Headed Meg’s Drive-In (one of my favorite places for cheap eats). Special on Fridays is Hawaiian plate, five minutes too late. No worries though  on the menu was fried liver with onions and bacon. Had to ask the counter person for clarification onions or bacon? No, and bacon. Yes! One order please.

Fried Liver, Onions and Bacon

The liver, perfectly fried, the onions, fried crispy tender, and the bacon, not crispy. Awesome! Wait a minute, bacon not crispy? Yes, bacon  fried just enough so that it’s still a little fatty and tender. Normally, I would be ranting and raving about soft bacon, but with the liver, it worked. The challenge was to get rice, macaroni salad, liver, bacon, and onions in one bite. One of the best liver dishes I’ve had in a long time. Have to remember, liver at Meg’s Drive-In.

And of course, there’s only one drink at Meg’s for me.

Green River!

Hmm. socks definitely off. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Sometimes, Just Gotta Ask

Somehow, I thought Popeyes Louisiana Chicken (1515 Dillingham Boulevard, Honolulu, Hawaii) served fried chicken livers, but when I stopped by several weeks ago, it wasn’t listed on their menu. I like liver: pâté, liverwurst, foie gras, ankimo, etc. I think I learned from my father. I was quite disappointed I couldn’t try deep-fried chicken livers. 😦

This week, I was near Popeyes again. Thought I’d look one more time. No deep-fried chicken livers on the menu. Sigh. I was just about to leave when I thought to ask, just to be sure. Lo and behold, the person at the counter said they did have deep-fried chicken livers. Not too many people order it so they didn’t list it on the menu. Of course I want to try.

Deep-Fried Chicken Livers

I was too chicken (oops, sorry), to order it hot, ordered it mild. Crispy on the outside, soft and irony on the inside. Have to eat them while they’re hot though, kind of funky when they cool down.

Since I was there, also ordered a biscuit with butter and honey.


Butter and Honey

I think deep-fried chicken liver is my new “junk food”. Hold me back.

I have to find an excuse to be in the area again soon. Sometimes, just gotta ask. 🙂


The Mouse

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