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Picked up from Costco over the weekend.


The Cat working late this week. The Mouse thought little more nutritious than instant noodles, plus less salt.

The Mouse tested with The Cat’s bowl of “instant” jook (leftover rice).

The Cat’s Bowl

Seaweed, celery, fried egg, toasted sesame oil.

The Cat slurped.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse


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Home Eats

If don’t need to go out, don’t. The Mouse ate simply.


Instant oatmeal, instant decaf non-dairy coffee. Too bad we don’t have the “Star Trek” instant food appliance. Hee hee.


Instant noodles, soybean and Lau Gan Ma garnish. Okay, not so bad, all The Mouse did was boil water. Hee hee.

There is a package of pork belly being defrosted. The Mouse was just being lazy.

Stay safe.

The Mouse

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