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Salty Sweet

The Mouse has not done a braise in a while. Too humid for soup. Nice package of pork ribs (cut for sweet sour) at the store.

Pork Ribs

After the initial parboil wash, braise for about an hour in water and apple cider vinegar. Added miso, sake, fresh ginger, and raw honey and braised for another 1/2 hour.

Miso, Sake, and Honey Braised Pork Ribs

The ribs came out tasty and tender, the sauce over rice or mashed potatoes, awesome.

Flavor kinda “teriyaki-ish”, more earthy, funky (fermented in a good way).

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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Jus’ random pics, cleaning out the phone. Thankfully, Hurricane Douglas veered off at the last minute.


The Cat took a client to dinner the other night, this was his “omiyage” to The Cat. Honey is produced by bees raised by the university for study and research.

Another Bowl of Noodles

Somen noodles, beet greens, fried egg. Soup noodles. One of The Cat’s favorite foods.


The Cat brought home from the client dinner. The Mouse ate for breakfast yesterday (waiting out the hurricane).

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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No, The Mouse is not shopping for a warehouse, shopping at a warehouse, ChefZone. Potluck at the office this coming Wednesday. The Mouse kinda got “voluntold” into a crock pot mushroom dish. Went to the warehouse for inspiration.

Probably gonna do a mix of mushrooms, starting with dried sliced shiitake.


One whole pound. Humungous. But, can always use. Thought about buying the whole dried mushrooms, but sliced is probably easier to handle.

Dark Soy Sauce

Essential for making “red cooked pork”, Hong Xiao Rou.

Pork Belly

Picked up at the grocery store the other day. 🙂

Local Honey

On sale/clearance. Nothing wrong with the honey. Warehouse is phasing out their retail services and focusing more on bulk wholesale. Booo! Ugh!

Oh well, at least picked up the honey at more than 50% discount. I guess we won’t be visiting the warehouse too often in the future. Sigh.

Lunch was at nearby Lagoon Chinese Restaurant.

Crispy Gau Gee Mein


Crispy Gau Gee

On the side. I guess enough customers requested the gau gee on the side so it doesn’t get soggy. Good call.

Choi Sum with Oyster Sauce

Not gourmet, but solid local Chinese fare (menu has local plate lunches and burgers too). Ultra retro.

Ate half of the vegetable, took the other half home for The Cat’s noodle soup bowl.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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So, my voice is still not at 100 percent. The Cat has been drinking a lemon and honey in hot water combination and suggested I start too. Just so happen, we had to pick up something from one of the big box stores, we also picked up a five-pound bag of limes. It was cheaper than a five-pound bag of lemons (we’re so pake).

Honey and Limes

Honey and Limes

The honey is from a local trusted source. There’s so much doubt about honey from other sources. It’s a little more expensive but we did save a bit on the limes. Plus, the honey is supposed to act as an antiseptic.

According to one of the chefs, I should also add brandy to the mix. Dunno about that one.

I started this regimen on Monday. My voice is slowly getting back to normal. I sometime still have a “bedroom” voice. 🙂

According to some websites, I should continue this tonic even when I’m back to normal, to get a natural shot of vitamin C.

Enjoy. Drink well.

The Mouse

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Farmers Market Finds

As mentioned in the previous post, I was at the Windward Mall Farmers Market yesterday (http://www.yelp.com/biz/windward-farmers-market-kaneohe-2). The products I picked up (in between hawking). 🙂

Granola and Scone

Sweet and salty mac nut (macadamia nuts) granola from Gorilla Granola and Maui Gold pineapple and coconut scone from Mama ‘Nita Scones.

Kona Coffee and Honey

100 pure estate Kona coffee from Delish and rainbow blossom honey from Rainbow bees (I wonder if the bees are different colors, heh heh).

I’ve gotten to know these vendors over the last couple of months, good people.

We’ll be eating good for the next couple of days. 🙂


The Mouse

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