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Late afternoon doctor appointment. Not virus related. Close to a Chinese take-out with very positive reviews. The Mouse try try.


Located in a former Sports Authority cavern that’s been subdivided into a bazaar-like space. One of the few place The Mouse could find that serves Hainan Chicken (one of The Cat’s favorite).

Hainan Chicken and Rice

The Cat’s bento today. The Mouse just had to cook/pack vegetables. 🙂

Since he was there … hee hee.

Spicy Won Ton

The Mouse ordered mild, still had a kick (in a good way). Four paws up! Will definitely return. There’s a braised brisket on rice that is tempting.

Hopefully The Mouse can get another visit/order in before the city goes into full lockdown. 😦

Wishing all safety and health.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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The Mouse likes chili, favorite is the vegetarian chili at Zippy’s. Looking for can chili for work lunch convenience. Alas, all cans at the store has way too much salt. Boo!

Came across this can.


Try try.


Fat and salt content more acceptable. Taste? Kinda meh. The Mouse thinks The Cat liked the beans more.

The Mouse went back to his tried and true (with a little modification).

Natto, Lentil, Okra

Shoyu, mustard. Mmmm!

And a little tail end. The Cat went to a seminar yesterday, lunch was buffet. One of the selections.

“Hainan” Chicken

The Cat said didn’t look like Hainan chicken but tasted okay.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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The Mouse knows, out of sequence.

Sunday dinner, Iron Chef’s new spot in SPAM Land.


The Cat started out with one of Chef’s signature beers.

Morimoto Soba

The Mouse isn’t quite sure, but buckwheat is involved with the making of the beer. Easy to drink.

Spicy Hamachi and Spider Roll

Roast duck Caesar. Weird presentation, but when you consider it is Chef Morimoto, kinda fits.

Tableside presentation.

Tableside Presentation

Ingredients in takeout box, blonde anime server shakes box like making a Bond martini, and voila, “composed salad”. Hee hee.

Roast Duck Caesar

Romaine lettuce, cucumber, red onion, crispy wonton, watermelon radish, parmesan, caesar dressing.

The Mouse would order again, if just to laugh at the presentation. The Mouse still likes the Caesar at Michel’s, including presentation.

The Cat’s entree.

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Poached chicken breast, tumeric rice, ginger scallion sauce, chili sauce. The Cat thought good, but Chinatown is cheaper (but Chinatown chicken not “touched” by an Iron Chef).

Chicken Close Up


Hainanese Rice Close Up

The Mouse ordered.

Mapo Tofu

Tobanjan, tofu, miso pork, scallion. Notice anything missing from the ingredient list? Sichuan peppercorn. Server explained might be too intense for some customers. Sigh, guess gotta go to Sichuan restaurant. Still, good comfort food, like getting Zippy’s vegetarian chili and rice. Hee hee.


Banana Pudding and Chai Tea

Housemade vanilla wafers, caramel rum pudding, chai bubble tea,

Strawberry Yuzu Sorbet

Sorbet was a winner! Definitely going back to order again.

Server also comped us a scoop of mango sorbet. The Cat has that picture on her phone.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Ok, I misspoke, thought the B-Day parties were the last eatin’ events in January. Forgot Chinese New Year (those sneaky Chinese, The Cat and The Mouse included) move the dates around every year, must be a conspiracy to confuse. I know solar calendar vs lunar calendar, but conspiracy is more exciting.

Disclaimer, The Cat nor The Mouse picked the restaurant (although, The Cat did think the food was really good there at one time, plus, we think it’s one of the few places in SPAM land to have Hainan Chicken rice on the menu). The Cat’s relative picked the place.

So, onward to S_______ Cafe in Chinatown (named masked to protect the …).

Crabmeat and Fish Maw Soup

Crabmeat and Fish Maw Soup

It was … okay. The maw was a little crunchy/chewy, not sure if that’s the perfect texture. Had fish maw at other places that were softer in texture.

Country Style Rice Noodle

Country Style Rice Noodle

This was okay, not bad, added a splash of shoyu or vinegar to up the taste. The Cat’s relative couldn’t/wouldn’t touch it, she believe she cannot eat shrimp, crab, lobster, fish, chicken, beef, and a whole list of things, kinda Alanis. So, she couldn’t/wouldn’t touch the soup either.

Duck and Dried Pork Skin Pot

Duck and Dried Pork Skin Pot

Hmm. Duck a little overcooked, the pork skin either not hydrated or not cooked long enough. Something definitely off on this dish. And such potential too. Now, to be fair, since it was Chinese new year eve, maybe the kitchen was overwhelmed (the tables were full). I dunno. One of two dishes The Cat’s relative “touched”.

Capital Pork Chop

Capital Pork Chop

The second of two dishes The Cat’s relative “touched”. I hope The Mouse doesn’t get “Morris” in his old age. The pork chops? Not bad, The Mouse prefers pork belly to chop, not bad for the chop cut of meat tho’.

Hainan Chicken Rice

Hainan Chicken Rice

The Mouse thought this was pretty good, especially the rice, cooked in chicken stock and fat. Mmm. The Cat thought the dish was better before. The ginger and chili sauce sets off the cold chicken well. One of two favorite dishes for The Mouse for the night. Better be since The Mouse ordered it. Hee hee.

Stringbeans with Pork and Preserved Vegetable

String Beans with Pork and Preserved Vegetable

Again, “something” missing, dunno if the flavor was well distributed or just overwhelmed kitchen. Sigh.

Egg Tarts

Egg Tarts

From the morning dim sum service. A little something sweet to end the dinner. 🙂

Hope your Chinese new year celebration went well.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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