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By Request

Some farmers market and Chinatown shopping. Farmers market for cassava/yuka root, for co-worker (no pic, it’s a root, not too interesting). 🙂

Chinatown for The Cat. Our supply of chili bamboo ran out.

But first, The Mouse had to eat. Just had to. Two of the dim sum joints on The Mouse’s list were overflowingly crowded. The Mouse’s fault for arriving in Chinatown at 12:00 noon. Humph.

Ended up at an “old school” Chinese restaurant. I think at one time the restaurant was “new school” but with time, the restaurant became “dated”. That’s okay, food still satiated The Mouse.

Dim Sum!

Dumplings and Lion’s Heads. Nom!

Of course, to The Mouse, eating dim sum not complete without egg tarts.

Egg Tarts

Again, decent/passable to satiate The Mouse. Best egg tarts though were from a “street vendor” with a little heated cart selling in the corridors of the Shanghai subway system. Nom!

The Chinatown haul.

Chinatown Groceries

Chili sauce, Sriracha, Chili Bamboo, Grass Jelly (individual cups), and Sardines (Moroccan Spiced) to try try.

And since The Mouse was there, and the shop was open …


From Char Hun Sut. For later, comfort food to the max! Happy Mouse.

And, for The Cat’s bento(s) …

Roast Duck

Good for a couple day’s bento.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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