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The Mouse on another errand for The Cat. Near Yen Yen chop suey. The Mouse’s favorite Chinese plate lunch.

Plate Lunch

Rice, ginger onion chicken, pot roast pork, beef with vegetables, fried won ton (two). The Mouse packed the rice, chicken, vegetables, and part of the pot roast pork to The Cat’s bento, he ate the beef, fried won ton, and the rest of the pot roast pork. Mmm.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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The Mouse had a routine lunch, okra and canned fish, peanut butter sandwich. Nothing exciting.

The Cat, normally would not have ordered the daily special, not enough vegetables for her, but.

Ginger Onion Chicken and Char Siu on Rice

Turns out, The Cat likes. There was enough ginger onion sauce to mix into the rice, tasty, the char siu was a little fatty, which The Cat also likes. Because The Cat is still “dieting”, she brought home a sizable portion for The Mouse to “share the guilt”. Hee hee.

The Cat is thinking of doing it again next week, The Mouse might get another “mousie bag”. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse (via The Cat)

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To clarify, one Chinese take-out, one “American-Chinese” take-out, and for a bonus, one Japanese take out. Hee hee.

In chronological order.

Panda Express

Self-described “American Chinese” fast food.

Steamed Vegetables, Grilled Chicken, and String Bean Chicken Breast

Plus a bonus side order (for filling out their online survey) of grilled chicken.

The Cat got the string bean chicken, The Mouse got the steamed vegetables and grilled chicken, The Mouse also took the extra grilled chicken for lunch the next day. Winners! 🙂

Japanese Take-Out

Take-out window for lunch, small dining room during dinner. Simple “homestyle” food.

“Hole in the Wall”

In a good way. Hee hee. Ample quantity, low price, cheap eats.

Oyako Don (Take-Out Style)

A little potato-mac salad and salted cabbage on the side, nice.

A little too much rice for The Mouse … stuffed … zzz.

Last, but not least, Chinese take-out.


For “more research”. Hee.

Cold Ginger Onion Chicken


Chinese Pot Roast Pork

AKA Kau Yuk!

Alas, the kau yuk was a little on the lean side. The Mouse thinks the kitchen used butt or shoulder cut instead of belly cut. Sigh. Taste was good, sinfully “melt in your mouth” unctuousness was somewhat missing. I guess kitchen was trying to make the dish “healthier”. Double sigh. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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