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It was Mrs. P’s b-day the other day. Chef made a birthday cake. The Cat requested a slice.

Chef sent over a picture with the caption “here’s your cake”.


Chef sent over a box the next day.

Shipping Container

Box was large enough to fit a whole cake. The Cat thought chef made another whole cake for her. Silly cat.


A slice of hazelnut mousse with meringue, whipped cream, coconut, and berries. Already starting to disintegrate. The Cat and her minion ate it in The Cat’s office. Cake would not have survived for The Mouse to taste.

That’s okay. The Mouse had a beer.

Ginger Beer

Less drama and trauma. Hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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Not really, but, he is pretty compelling. Check out the commercial.


The Cat brought home a sample bottle from the food bank fund raiser she attended.


Pretty good. Better than diet soda.

The Mouse doesn’t usually like coconut, but this is an exception.

The other drinks The Mouse is currently “researching” is ginger beer and ginger ale.

According to the food enthusiast co-worker, ginger beer is naturally carbonated through fermentation, ginger beer is mechanically carbonated.

Besides the current favorite, Bundaberg ginger beer, discovered a new favorite.

Ginger Ale

The drink is unfiltered. There are pieces of ginger in the bottle. Marketing ploy? Dunno, tastes good though.

So, what’s your favorite drink?

Enjoy. Eat (and drink) well. 🙂

The Mouse

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Not Moscow, Just the Mule

Exploring ginger beer lately. The Mouse does like ginger ale, but never had ginger beer. One of the cousins likes so does the campus receptionist (in office where The Mouse works).

Picked up one to try try.


Not bad, less carbonation than ginger ale, stronger ginger flavor.

Still like ginger ale too!

Just learned what a Moscow Mule is. Tonight, no vodka nor lemon juice. Must do more research. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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