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“BBQ short ribs” listed on the menu board at the local take-out under beef. The Mouse was thinking either slow smoked with a BBQ sauce or braised in BBQ sauce.

It was galbi.

Galbi Plate

Not that The Mouse is complaining, the meat was really well cooked and seasoned, just The Mouse had something else on his mind. The search continues.

The Mouse also picked up a teriyaki porkchop plate for The Cat.

Teriyaki Pork Chop

Thin sliced and grilled to almost crispy. Mmm.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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A new minion joined The Cat’s office. First day lunch to welcome newbies. Lunch at the nearby “Irish pub”.

One minion orders fish and chips, another orders an “Irish” burger. Okay, maybe not true Irish fare, but in SPAM Land, close.

The Cat’s plate.

Boneless “Galbi” and rice

Um, okay, kinda out of left field. The Mouse thinks for the weekend, we look for a Korean restaurant that serves corned beef and cabbage or more accurately bacon and cabbage. Hee hee.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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Also, kinda cleaned out the refridge (partial). Leftovers.

The base.

Fried Rice

Steamed. Then added the fun stuff. The toppings.


Boneless Korean style Kal-bi from an Irish pub (go figure), fried chicken from Max’s of Manila (another go figure), soft steamed egg with chipotle sauce. A very international breakfast. Hee hee.

With just a little gravy would have rivaled a loco moco, ah hindsight.

Whatever, it was nom. 🙂

The Mouse was full for awhile.

Staying home.

The Mouse

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