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Just a tiny bit, it wasn’t for the whole day, just one sandwich (that’s The Mouse’s story and he is sticking with it). 🙂

Yesterday was bread/sandwich day, not intentional, just turned out that way.


French Toast

From the grocery store, The Mouse added jam on one, and peanut butter and honey on the other.

Not weird yet, yeah?


Chicken Katsu Sandwich

Still not weird, right? Hee hee.

The narrative is a little out-of-order because lunch could be considered kinda “weird”, although The Mouse didn’t really think so but …

SPAM and Kamaboko Sandwich

Ta-da! Mentioned in previous post that there was leftover SPAM and kamaboko. The Mouse didn’t want to make another bowl of saimin. He could’ve made fried rice but a sandwich is funnier. Not too weird eh? Heh heh. 😉

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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Another errand in the Kalihi area. The Mouse has been interested in Guieb Café for a bit. Saw an internet post of their Honey Acai French Toast, The Mouse drooled. Hee hee.

Honey Acai French Toast

Topped with berries, banana, granola and honey, server recommended honey on the side to control the sweetness. The Mouse liked the warm French toast contrasting with the cold scoop of acai sorbet. Mmm! The granola and fruits added nice texture too. The Mouse would order again.

Another dish The Mouse wanted to try was the Bao Bun Benedict.

Bao Bun Benedict

Charsiu pork belly, fresh cucumber & cilantro with hoisin hollandaise. Hollandaise on the side because the server wasn’t certain there was no dairy in the sauce. Cute yeah?

Dish was great except kitchen slightly grilled the bao bun, changed the texture from soft and pillowy to kinda “stale”. Deep sigh.

The Cat was drawn to The breakfast wrap.

Cali Wrap

Spinach tortilla, avocado, bacon, tomatoes, spinach, cheddar cheese and scrambled eggs. Served with fresh fruits, salsa and sour cream. The Cat liked.

A return visit soon. 🙂

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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Just The Mouse, playing in the kitchen. French toast from the grocery store.

French Toast

The Mouse piled apple slices and cinnamon, toaster ovened for 5 minutes. Drizzled honey after out of the oven.

“Apple Pie French Toast”

Breakfast? Dessert? A little of both? Nom! 🙂

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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Breakfast, Pan’s Kitchen, The Mouse’s choice, didn’t think The Cat would appreciate eating out of take-out boxes, she said she didn’t mind.

The Mouse tried this place once before when they first started, was okay, maybe they were still finding their feet.

Breakfast Special

Rice, two eggs, choice of meat, this time The Cat ordered corned beef hash, under $6.00, available all day, good deal.

The Cat said the corned beef hash was well made/cooked.

Loco Moco

Rice, two burger patties, two eggs, mac salad, and gravy with onions and mushrooms. Nom! The Mouse is slowly getting his taste back for onions. Just have to be cooked for now.

Since first time trying for breakfast, added a side of French toast.

French Toast

Usually, a side order is four pieces (two slices), but this place gives six pieces (three slices) good deal.

Enough food for The Cat to make one extra bento. The Mouse had the leftover French toast for next day breakfast.

The Cat approved a return visit. Hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Sunday brunch, before The Cat went into her office.

The Cat’s

Her usual. Norwegian salmon breakfast.

The Mouse’s

French toast, unusual for The Mouse to order a sweet breakfast, he was in the mood. 🙂

The Cat worked past dinner, The Mouse picked up a sandwich.

Ham and Pate Bahn Mi

This used to be The Mouse’s favorite, now the sandwich has to share popularity with the newly envisioned hummus, bacon, mushroom, spinach on sourdough and its variations. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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