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The Mouse, throwing stuff together, one bowl eats.

Oatmeal and Fava Beans

Leftover rehydrated fava beans, oatmeal, wakame seaweed. The Mouse wanted savory breakfast but also wanted oatmeal. Actually not bad. Not everyday, but once in a while. While eating, The Mouse was thinking about the movie Oliver. Hee hee.


Turmeric Ramen with Cauliflower and Fishcake

The Mouse did not use the included soup packet, sea salt (little bit), and turmeric instead. Not yellow snow. Hee hee.

Be safe and well.

The Mouse

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Eating “Light”

The Mouse eating “light” after the epic weekend lunch.

The Mouse’s Plate

Japanese fishcake (hijiki and ginger), musubi with seaweed, apple.

The fishcake and musubi, after work discount at the Japanese warehouse store.

That’s it for now. The Cat has a friend coming over on Thursday, another epic meal with Chef H planned.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Small-kid time, hanabata days, one of The Mouse’s favorite sandwiches. Japanese steamed fishcake, kamaboko.

Kamaboko Sandwich

Last night’s dinner, kamaboko slices, Napa cabbage, molasses bread, mayonnaise. Nom!

Back small-kid time though, the sandwich would have been white bread, Wonder Bread if possible, and there would be no greens, just mayo and kamaboko.

The kamaboko comes on wooden “pallets”, after finishing the kamaboko, we would use the pieces of wood to build “stuff” for our toy cars.

The Kamaboko, on Pallet

Seems like the fishcake are all red now, used to come in green too. Green was The Mouse’s favorite. ūüôā

Ahh, the simpler life. Hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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At least that’s what The Cat called yesterday.

Too tired to “celebrate”.

The Mouse just warmed up The Cat’s leftover pho and added the beansprouts and some Napa cabbage. Tricky, the rice noodles apparently can overcook very easily, posing a problem when leftover.

Leftover Pho

Borderline jook. Hee hee.

The Mouse made a stir-fry for himself. Napa cabbage and Japanese fishcake.

Colorful, No?

Today is The Cat’s declared hibernation day. The Mouse has to go to work. Sigh.

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It’s days like these. Inspiration can come from anywhere. I follow @madmarv on twitter. I met him at a @Bytemarks lunch. The topic was WordPress training. Anyway, he tweeted that he was getting his hair cut. For some reason, I followed the link to here. One of the blog entries mentioned stuffing a whole cucumber in Japanese fishcake. First reaction was “what the?” Second reaction was tell me more.

Anyhoo, getting to the point, the blogmaster was very kind to provide details. Sounded simple enough, get one Japanese cucumber, get one chikawa style Japanese fish cake, (this particular fishcake is like a long tube that steamed and broiled. When sliced, it looks like a ring or donut) insert whole cucumber into fishcake, slice, eat. Okay, the narration may not be adequate, here are the pictures.

Cucumber, Package of Fishcake

Fishcake, Cucumber, Slightly Peeled

Sorry, the above picture is a bit blurred, must be operator malfunction.

Cucumber Stuffed Fishcake

Close Up

These were good (the socks came off). The sweetness and crunch  of the cucumber blended well with the chew and saltiness of the fishcake. Now I know why egg104 was enamored by the dish. I definitely would do this one again.

The fishcake stretches to¬†accommodate¬†the cucumber, but there are limits. Best to look for a cucumber that is close to the size of the hole in the fishcake. In this case, size matters (doesn’t it always). ūüėõ

I must admit, the experience of trying to stuff the cucumber into the fishcake is a little disconcerting (I’ll stop before I really get myself into trouble).

BTW, while researching chikawa fishcake, I came across this recipe from the local newspaper. The recipe added a mayonnaise shoyu dipping sauce (it didn’t need it). Then again, I may riff a spicy dipping sauce.

Thanks egg104, excellent suggestion.

Not sure if this is a salad, vegetable, or side, you decide.

Finding a new recipe from a stranger, connecting with food, wow, world peace (or whirled peas).


The Mouse

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