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The Cat brought home a bag of pork and shrimp filled dumplings. Problem is either they defrosted or something. The dumplings became a massive lump of dough, the dumplings could not be pulled, pried, or chiseled apart (The Mouse tried). Not to waste, The Mouse tried steaming the whole thing in one lump.

Steamed Blob

At first The Mouse thought maybe ravioli or lasagna-like? This was before the first bite. Uhm, no. Raviolo and lasagna have a balanced texture and taste (designed). This blob had parts that were all dough, no filling, bleh. Maybe gravy or marinara or meat sauce (yeah meat sauce) would help? Ugh!

Or … Maybe target practice? Just kidding … Hmm.

Oh well, win some …

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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Quality Control?

Subtitled a McD fail.

Did a drive-thru at the nearby McD. Ordered a grilled chicken sriracha sandwich (from their website: with spicy, chili pepper-infused Sriracha Mac Sauce™, tender baby spinach and kale, tomato, crispy onion, and smooth white cheddar*. Just the right amount of Sriracha Mac Sauce™ kick make for a pleasantly spicy chicken sandwich. On a grilled chicken breast made with 100% chicken breast filet), without cheese, and a filet-o-fish sandwich, without cheese.

Receipt indicated the correct order.

What The Mouse got.

BBQ Bacon Grilled Chicken Sandwich

From their website: Layered with BBQ sauce made with sweet onions, thick-cut Applewood smoked bacon, grilled & crispy onions, and smooth white cheddar*. On a grilled chicken breast made with 100% chicken breast filet.


Filet-o-Fish Sandwich

Both with cheese. To add insult to injury, the fish sandwich was sans tartar sauce (one of the main reasons The Mouse orders the fish sandwich in the first place). Big sigh.

The chicken sandwich was pretty good (there was bacon), may order again, but it wasn’t what I wanted last night.

I guess they didn’t have an expeditor to check as orders went out. 😦

A big McD fail. The Mouse will definitely be filling out the customer satisfaction survey on-line.

Eat well.

The Mouse

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