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Breakfast, MikeyD’s


MickyD’s oatmeal includes dried fruit and nuts, a good thing. The Cat mixed up the additions before The Mouse took a picture.

Rice, SPAM, Scrambled Eggs

The Mouse would take this over turkey, any day. 🙂

Series to be continued.

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

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The Mouse seems to order these dishes fairly frequently from the neighborhood chop suey (Kin Wah).

Scrambled Eggs with Chives, Choi Summ, Rice

Kau Yuk with Taro

Enough food for three bento, and one lunch. 🙂

Be well, eat good.

The Mouse

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The Cat and The Mouse errand to shopping mall. Lunch stop, Goma-Tei.

Vegetable Tan Tan Ramen

The Cat thought she mistakenly ordered a poached egg, see top left. She meant to order an ajitama egg. Server brought an extra egg gratis, got extra tip.

Ajitama Egg

The Mouse went the pork route.

Chasiu Rice Bowl

Braised pork, rice, egg. Does it get any better? Mmm.

Newish dish, fish dumplings.

Fish Dumplings

With XO sauce. Mmm. Four paws. The Mouse could order this with a bowl of rice and eat happy. 🙂

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

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Chop Suey Eats

The neighborhood chop suey finally re-opened for sit-down dining. They were doing a brisk take-out business during lockdown.

The Cat and The Mouse did a couple of take-out from them but it’s different.

Stringbeans with Spicy Pork

Eggs with chive

Kau Yuk with Taro


“Regular” dishes is better than paper or foam. 🙂

Be safe and well.

The Mouse

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Something substantial before The Cat went off to work.

Neighborhood take-out.

Corned Beef Hash and Eggs, Rice

The Mouse picked a pre-packed bento from the grocery store.

Oyako Donburi

Colorful yeah? Vegetables, fishcake, ginger. Mmm. Cheap eats too! 🙂

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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