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Eel, Not Eww

While The Cat was away (see previous post), The Mouse went to play.

A new restaurant recently opened that specializes in unagi.


Claim to Fame

The restaurant is so new, it hasn’t had its grand opening yet. Tried it last week. Ordered the unadon, a bowl of rice with a piece of unagi and sauce.


I already sprinkled sansho (provided on the table) on my unagi before I took the picture, my bad. Also ordered umaki, egg roll with unagi.


I learned to eat unagi a long time ago. This version is pretty close to the first time I tried it. Just enough sauce, broiled so that the edges are a bit crispy, but not too crisp. The unagi and egg, a good combination. Yes, the socks came off.

Definitely want to come back. Have to save some money though.  Currently, the restaurant uses unagi sourced from Taiwan, once they receive unagi sourced from Japan, the price may double. Sigh


The Mouse

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