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Croissant Donut

Saw these in the paper a couple of weeks ago and was intrigued.

Donut Croisant

Donut Croissant

This week, I was handling crisis control for the chefs, handling the chefs is almost like herding cats (I sometime think herding cats is easier), so I needed one of these.

Donut Croissants

Donut Croissants

The other week, I went too late, the bakery sold out. Everything works out. Last week, I didn’t need it, this week I did.

My Donut

My Donut

The bakery makes two varieties, a “plain” and a cream filled. The store employees recommended the “plain” one.

These things are huge! Almost the size of two donuts. Very light and flaky with little or no greasy texture. A little internet research and it appears that these donut croissant hybrids are becoming a hot thing on the mainland. A definite try again for me.

Heading out to unveil their soju chocolates tonight. Wish me luck.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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