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The Cat Likes

More eating in China.

Crab Stew


More Crab


Even More Crab

For a change of pace.


The Cat said she is turning into Maine Coon sized. Hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Cat

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Dinner with The Cat’s consultant (one of many) and wife.

The Place

The Cat justified the cost, to date, consultant hasn’t charged for services.

Spinach Salad

Spinach, bacon!, toasted nuts (walnuts? forgot), strawberry, feta. B’s wife was so impressed with the dressing, we asked server for recipe and server provided a printed copy kitchen uses. Yields three gallons. Hee hee.

One of the ingredients is Tabasco sauce. Restaurant provided the start.

Single Serve Tabasco

Cute ya?

Bone-in Ribeye Steak

Consultant’s order. Day special, aged wagyu. Super pricey, but considering he hasn’t charged The Cat, good deal.

The Mouse has to get a better phone/camera. 😦

King Crab Legs

Consultant’s wife order. So, as a couple, surf -n- turf. Hee hee.

Miso Butterfish

The Cat’s order. Dish was highly recommended by Yelp reviews, The Cat still prefers miso butterfish from certain sushi bars though. Guess something got “lost in translation”.

The Mouse ordered two appetizers for dinner, rather eat two smaller portions than one dish. Hee hee.

The “Surf”:

Ahi Katsu

And “the turf”:

Steak Lettuce Wrap

With onions and mushrooms. Think local style chop steak.

To finish off all those calories (although I think the consultant and his wife ingested the most), something light.

Raspberry Champagne Sorbet

Plus it was the only dessert that is non-dairy. Nice and refreshing to end the dinner.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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A break from the Sunday routine. Lunch with friends in town. Lobster King.

High two?

Picture on the wall. The Mouse thought it was hilarious. Hee hee.

Restaurant also runs a wholesale business. Comped us a plate of Samoan crab to introduce/promote.

Samoan Crabs

The Cat and friends went at it. The Mouse, crustacean in shell challenged. Pass.


Another challenging dish for The Mouse. Not as severe as the crab, The Mouse tried an easy piece. More for The Cat and friends.

Soft Tofu with Seafood Gravy

Probably not the exact name, more the description. This dish is something The Mouse can handle. 🙂

Spicy Eggplant

The Cat’s choice.

Green Beans with Pork

The Mouse’s choice.

Didn’t order any carbs. The Mouse was kinda jonesing for a bowl of won ton mein or jook.

Still get a kick out of that lobster picture. Too bad the claws can’t make the shaka sign. Hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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China, Day 11, Shanghai

One of the few non-travel days. I did not have any expectations for today but, it ended with a very pleasant surprise. The day started out with breakfast in the hotel.

Sample Breakfast Plate

This day, one selection was pickled garlic cloves (in the one o’clock position). The garlic was a little too intense for me, but worth the try. Another selection was “overcooked noodles.”

"Overcooked Noodles"

Normally, noodles are a bit chewy or “al dente” but according to The Cat, sometimes, the noodles are purposely “overcooked.” She said it’s home style comfort food. She slurped this bowl. 🙂

We took a quick run to Cheng Huang Miao (“City Goddess Temple”). It’s supposed to have one of the older temples in the city (I’ve never seen it). Over time, small vendors opened shops around the temple. When The Cat was a kitten, vendors would specialize in specific items (scissors, needles, buttons, chopsticks, and different kind of snacks for example). The Cat grew up around this area. Now it’s one of the visitor destinations for shopping and eating.

Now, in the middle of this old and venerated area, is this.


B, this picture is especially for you!

The time that we were in China, it’s supposed to be crab season. One of my favorite dishes is crab roe with doufu. Throughout this whole trip, while we had some pretty amazing food, we didn’t get to eat crab roe with doufu.

For lunch, we ate at one of the oldest restaurants in Shanghai.

"Shanghai Old Restaurant"

Engrish Description

We finally get our crab roe with doufu.

Crab Roe with Doufu

Mushroom Soup

"Wild Greens'

The food was not bad. Sadly, I’ve had better and less expensive. But, we did get to eat at one the city’s oldest restaurants.

The Cat wanted to get back to the hotel to watch the closing ceremonies of the Shanghai Expo. On the way back, we looked into the family style restaurant that had changed owner and we thought was lost forever (see previous post).

Low and behold, the former owner was inside. He said that the restaurant suffered after he left to the point where he had to take back the business. We weren’t planning to eat dinner tonight, but happy days were here again!

The owner brought back the chef and the food. We ordered some of our favorite dishes. The servings were so huge, we shared most of the food with them.

Charred Green Onions and Oil Noodles

Cucumber Salad with Garlic

Vegetable and Rice Soup

Stink Doufu!

We generally do not drink alcohol but we bought a bottle of beer to share with the owner and wish him success.


This was the first time we tried Harbin beer. I’m not sure whether we were so happy to see one of our favorite restaurants return or if the beer was really good, or a combination, but this beer was very good.

In closing, a few shots of the kitchen and the chefs.

We hope the restaurant is still there when we return. BTW, the restaurant was originally named Yangyang. The past and current owner plans to change it back to its original name. Yay!


The Mouse

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Tamago Kani (“Egg Crab”) Snack

I saw this package at our Japanese warehouse membership store the other day and just had to try it.

Tamago Kani

It’s a package of crunchy little crabs for a snack. Tamago is egg in Japanese, and kani is crab. I don’t think it’s supposed to mean crab eggs but baby crabs. I’m not sure what kind of crabs these are. I just thought the crabs looked cute and tasty. The packaging was also interesting, looking like a fishing boat.

A Boat Full of Crunchy Crabs

Varieties include, small fishes and dried seaweed as well as these crabs. According to the advertising from the store, these snacks are supposed to be high in calcium.

Nutrition Information

The flash kind of obscures the calcium information, but each serving is supposed to provide 99 percent of daily recommended calcium requirements.

Not the Deadliest Catch

Each crab was about one-half inch across, just enough to pop in your mouth.

How was the taste? Not bad. They were very crunchy with a teriyaki glaze and sesame seeds. If you like arare (Japanese rice crackers), you might like these. They are a bit harder than the rice crackers. I can understand why some may fill that it’s an acquired taste.

I have to admit, part of the reason for trying these was for the ick or eww factor. But then again, when I eat Chinese salt and pepper shrimp, the ones where they deep-fry whole shrimps with the shell and heads on, I eat the heads and shells too (that’s where all the flavor and crunch is). 😉 OK maybe I’ve been watching too much Bizarre Foods.

This snack would probably not be on my must buy list, but if they were to go on sale, I might consider buying them again. I may try the dried fishes or seaweed the next time.

Another blogger did not have a very favorable experience. http://bruleeblog.wordpress.com/2009/12/15/shopping-for-asian-goodies-tamago-kani/.

The boat is heading out for more crabs (just kidding).

Bye For Now

Enjoy (or not).

The Mouse

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