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“Gordon Ramsey” style, well, maybe not his style but The Mouse learned from watching him on video.

Scrambled Eggs

Probably according to Gordon Ramsey’s criteria, these would be slightly overcooked, not as runny as his in the video, The Mouse left it on the heat a little longer than necessary and the residual heat continued. The Cat deemed still good, especially with the crab paste topping. 🙂

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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Crab Paste Try

From the warehouse “clearance” shelf, stuff that cannot be sold to customers, still good to use.


Ingredients indicated that the paste shouldn’t be too spicy.

At first, The Mouse was going to scramble eggs, but The Cat came home too late. So, The Mouse improvised.


Hee hee, scrambled eggs with crab paste.

The Mouse made jook with leftover rice and chicken broth. When The Cat was ready, brought the jook up to just starting to boil temperature, poured (not drop) the egg mixture in, turned off the heat, and let the pot sit for a minute or so.

Chicken Broth Jook with Crab Paste Egg Pour

Crushed peanut and parsley garnish.

The Cat liked.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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