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Last week’s dinner, epic for The Cat.

Started with a text to Chef H, our menu choices: Caesar Salad, lobster bisque, crab cake, Vitello Tonnato (to try), lobster risotto, and souffle for dessert.

Chef responded “Looking at the menu … I say leave it to Chef.”

Ok, sigh, he has never steered us wrong.

To The Cat, from Chef

The Cat’s cocktail.

Watermelon Martini

Chef’s tasting menu: Lobster Bisque, lobster in cognac, flamed at table (The Mouse didn’t take a pic).

Caesar Salad

Extra anchovies on the side for The Mouse. Nom!

Crab Cake

Black bean sauce, tomato coulis, tropical fruit garnish.

Vitello Tonnato

Yellowfin Ahi sashimi, oven-roasted veal, white tuna sauce, pesto and caper vinaigrette. The Mouse wanted to try based on the menu description. Try try. The Mouse thinks, could’ve used a shoyu wasabi (or Coleman mustard) dipping sauce, but don’t tell Chef. Jus’ The Mouse’s Asian palate.

Yuzu Sorbet

Palate cleanser. The Mouse could eat a bucket of this.

Wagyu Rib Eye, Morel Mushrooms, White Asparagus, Lobster Risotto

Chef (restaurant) flew the white asparagus in from Holland. Jet lag. Hee hee.

Grand Marnier Souffle




Orange Peel Fire Fountain

The Mouse always loves this part.

Banana Foster

Chef loves presenting this dessert. Locally grown apple bananas.

See? Told ya epic. If you notice, all of the items listed/requested were on the menu and more. So publicly, it’s Chef’s choice menu, but The Mouse privately had some input. 😉

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Amuse Bouche




Caesar Salad

Notice the whole anchovies on top? Nom!

Pineapple and Mint Sorbet

Palate Cleanser

The Mouse’s Order




The Cat’s Order



Think French lau lau. Hee hee.

Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee


Grand Marnier Souffle


One Year Older


Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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The Cat wanted to treat an old client.

Of all days, skies decided to open up with drenching rain.

But still gotta eat.


While waiting for The Cat and her client to arrive.

Gloomy Day

Not the sunset we are used to, but pretty in its own way

Every Cloud has a Pink Lining

And the restaurant had a visitor right outside the window.

Hawaiian Monk Seal


On to the food!

Amuse Bouche – Salmon Tartar with Pesto and Caviar

The Mouse almost did a “Oliver Twist” but The Mouse restrained for more to come. Hee hee.

Boula Boula Soup with Abalone


Crab Cake

Three sauces (The Mouse couldn’t hear). Nom!

Seafood Salad

Scallops, fish, crab claw, spinach, mango, citrus. Happy Cat.

Beef Wellington

Chicken mousse with Kurabota ham, carrots, and mushrooms. Currant and Madeira reduction. Huge over the top Yum!

Bananas Foster

Client was extremely happy.

Entrance Display

Made by Sous Chef, cute yea?

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Costco run over the weekend.

Avocado Oil Kalamata Olive Oil Boneless and Skinless Sardines Coconut Cookies

Avocado Oil
Kalamata Olive Oil
Boneless and Skinless Sardines
Coconut Cookies

“Brunch” at Ruby Tuesday

Mud Pie Crab Cake Salad Bar Vegetable Trio

Mud Pie
Crab Cake
Salad Bar
Vegetable Trio

Mud pie. The reason we go. For some reason nine times out of ten, we order the same dishes. Oh well.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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I guess when we went to San Francisco, our cousins P & B thought it was such a rare occurrence (kind of like Halley’s comet), that they really wanted to show us a good time.

On one night, they took us to Scoma’s (a landmark restaurant on Fisherman’s Wharf) for dinner.

Since 1965

The Cat had to have the clam chowder (one of the reasons we came here).

Clam Chowder

B and I ordered the butternut squash soup.

Butternut Squash Soup

The Cat wanted a lighter dinner and ordered a crab cake sandwich with her soup.

Crab Cake Sandwich

I ordered the seared ahi tuna sandwich.

Seared Ahi Tuna Sandwich

P & B were worried that they might overcook the ahi, but it was seared just enough so that it was still pink inside. Yum.

P went for it and ordered the cioppiono alla pescatore, various seafood in a tomato broth.

Cioppino Alla Pescatore

Above is the before shot. Warning, the next picture may be a little disturbing.

The Carnage

Above is the after shot. I don’t think P left anything for the seagulls. I not sure he liked it much (NOT!). I won’t post a picture of him to hide the guilty. 😉

On another night, P & B hosted us and our cousins D & G for a crab dinner at their house.

B prepared her version of the caesar salad.

B's Caesar Salad

P boiled three large crabs using Zatarain’s crab boil.

Boiled Crabs

P gave The Cat one of the crab heads filled with crab “stuff.”

The Cat's cat food

P also prepared his garlic noodles. Noodles, garlic, butter, and green onions.

P's Garlic Noodles

The Cat ate her noodles in the crab shell to soak up all the crab “stuff.”

The noodles reminded me of the charred onion noodles we ate in Shanghai.

Good food, good company, lots of laughs. Thanks P & B.

I need to post this. We didn’t want P & B picking us up at the hotel (the traffic wasn’t too good). The plan was to catch the Muni to a station close to them and then they could pick-us up from there. B told us to wait at the Squat & Gobble Cafe right outside the station. I wondered how she knew how I eat plate lunches (drum rim-shot). I thought it was funny. 🙂 Maybe you had to have been there.

Actually, the menu looks interesting. Might ask P &B how the food is.


The Mouse

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