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Partly cleaning out the refridge.

The Mouse’s lunch did not start out as a “franken” dish, more finishing leftovers. The Cat’s leftover sope. One of the meat managers at the warehouse made spicy tuna, The Mouse couldn’t resist. He figured sope was spicy, spicy tuna was spicy, why not.

Leftover Carnita Sope with Spicy Tuna

Kinda went together, not a perfect fit, but okay.

The Cat’s dinner was really cleaning out the refridge. Coconut milk, leftover pesto bruschetta (bread and all), celery, egg. Throw all together and hope for the best.


The Cat seemed to like, at least didn’t go eww! Hee hee.

Oh, The Mouse might be unplugged for a few days. Changing computer and turkey stuffing, or is it stuffed mouse.

If on, on, if not on, not on. Stay tuned.

Happy Thanksgiving (if you are so inclined).

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Just The Mouse riffing on canned soup for The Cat.

Can of tomato soup,

Can of coconut milk,

Fresh asparagus,

One egg,

Mix, heat, hope, eat.

Coconut Milk Tomato Bisque with Egg and Asparagus

The Cat liked.

The Mouse still needs to work on visual plating. Hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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The Cat caught a cold, no chicken soup, substitute instead.

Coconut Rice Soup with Vegetables and Egg

The egg kinda broke in the plating, so instead of egg, became egg drop. 😦

And the pickled eggplant? The Mouse baked/toasted for about twenty minutes.

Roasted/Toasted Pickled Eggplant

While the eggplant got a little softer, not much, the salt intensified, even for The Mouse. complete fail. Ugh!

One more slice left, going to try and rinse off the miso/pickling before roast/toast. Crossing The Mouse’s fingers/toes/paws.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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No, not together.

The Mouse opened the last Chinese grapefruit.


Part of The Mouse’s dindin.

Fruits and Veggie

Chinese grapefruit, apple, celery, starfruit. Nom!

The Cat had soup.

Coconut Milk Soup with Vegetables and Egg

The Cat slurped.

That’s it for now. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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The warehouse carries this brand of curry soup.


A couple cans in the kitchen, scratched and dented, must’ve fallen off the pallet.

The Mouse was tempted but didn’t want to take the chance, contamination and all. Picked up a can from the grocery store.

Some veggies, a piece of pork belly (pre-cooked), water, and half of the can of curry soup.

Pork curry Soup

A tad too spicy for The Cat.

Next night a little adjustment.

Coconut Milk

Quarter can of curry soup, half can of coconut milk.

Pork Belly, Curry Soup, Redo

Much better for The Cat. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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