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Just “cleaning out” the pics on the phone. 🙂

Orange Dots

The Mouse’s haul from the grocery store, all orange dotted, end of day reductions. Fried chicken and SPAM bento, donut, fried rice and egg bento, apple turnovers. Mmm.


Proof The Mouse tries to eat balanced. Grapes, orange, banana. 🙂

Part II of yesterday’s pork and prune dish. shout out to Mr. S (small-kid time) for the inspiration. The Mouse added an egg in The Cat’s leftover.

Just add and Egg

Steamed. The Cat liked.

Be safe and well.

The Mouse

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Grocery store end of day mark-down, prepared foods and bakery goods. The Mouse picked up after Sunday dinner (oxtail soup, chicken katsu).

Cinnamon Donut
Hot Dog Croissant (Ignore the Banana)
Pastele Stew

Everything, four dollars and change. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner covered. 🙂

Be well and safe.

The Mouse

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Mock BLT

From the health food store near the temporary work site. Funny the shopping area has two “health food” stores, one national chain and one local. The Mouse guesses the area has enough customers to support each.

Anyway, The Mouse went to buy papaya and bananas. Prices comparable to grocery store, and advertised as “organic”.

Mock BLT on clearance.

Mock BLT Sandwich

The mock bacon had the texture of SPAM, not bacon. The Mouse didn’t mind. The veganaise might take a little getting used to though. All in all, acceptable. If The Mouse saw the sandwich on clearance again, a definite buy. 🙂

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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The Mouse forgot to pack his breakfast the other day (cubicle eating). Nearest thing to the workplace is a health food store. The Mouse’s main hesitation are the prices, way up there.

Original thought was to just pick up some kinda energy bar, stumbled across a clearance container of curry quinoa salad. Original price was over five dollars for about a third of a pound, marked down to $1.99. Winner (energy bar prices were over two dollars and more).

Curry Quinoa

Small bits of vegetables and raisins (maybe currants), mostly for color The Mouse thinks. The Mouse didn’t go hungry. 🙂

Lesson learned, pack lunch, prescriptions and vitamins, and water bottle the night before.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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