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The Mouse bought a Swiss Army knife, mainly for the can opener and file function. Came in handy yesterday, The Mouse needed a can opener and still didn’t want to wrestle with the WWII style can opener.

The Mouse took it slow, the process is still scary but doable.


“Macgyvered” not “John Wicked”. Hee hee. The Mouse still needs practice. Lots.

Stay well and safe.

The Mouse

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In context of tomorrow’s holiday. Picked up a box for The Cat.


The Mouse thinks owned by a veteran and part of the proceeds goes to help veterans in need.

Taro Chips

Homemade by someone that knows someone that’s someone’s relative? Whatevers, good stuff.

Can Opener

This time, did not forget, but that thing is heavy. The Mouse is thinking about maybe buying a reasonably priced one and leaving it in the warehouse kitchen. Hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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