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Olive Oil

Commercial for Irish butter, The Mouse is curious. The grocery store stocked the brand in sticks and tub with olive oil. The Mouse doesn’t like to deal with sticks so olive oil blend it is.

Also, The Mouse was also interested in Japanese Kewpie mayonnaise. The fat content was just too high for my doctor. Hee hee. The Mouse settled with mayonnaise with olive oil.

Butter and Mayonnaise

The Mouse hasn’t bought mayonnaise and real butter in at least six months, will use sparingly. 🙂

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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Jus’ Pics

Prepping meat for the week.

Pork Belly

Simple prep. Cleaned, simmered (water, apple cider vinegar, rum). The Mouse is not sure if he is making a soy-based glaze or brown gravy (packaged) or just salt and pepper.

Simple snack.

Crackers, Butter, Vegemite

Is it just The Mouse’s imagination, but the crackers and Vegemite tastes better with butter than margarine. 🙂

The Mouse thought about adding a package of natto to the mix but didn’t thaw it out soon enough. Next time.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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The Mouse can digest butter!

After much research on the internet, “if it’s on the web, it must be true”, The Mouse decides to experiment with butter, lactose intolerance. A week or so ago, he bought package of butter, posted previously.

Stick of Butter

A bread remnant back of the freezer.


Just to be cautious, The Mouse took one lactase pill.

Sucess! No bloating, no gas, no other consequences (TMI). The Mouse can’t wait to butter potatoes (baked or mashed).

Happy mouse!

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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The Mouse can digest Butter!

I know, not earth shaking. The Mouse has been trying to figure out what he can and cannot digest dairy-wise. Even with lactase supplements, which reduce the side-effects of not digesting lactose to a degree, sometimes there are unwanted reactions. Butter is supposedly low in lactose.

The Mouse tested the other night.

Burger and Baked Potato

Ruby Tuesday at the mall allows substitution of fries for any of their sides, free. Yay!

Between fries and baked potato, The Mouse will most time choose a baked potato, doesn’t feel as heavy in his stomach.

The Mouse usually likes his baked potato, butter only, sometimes bacon and chives. Sour cream would be a no, The Mouse didn’t want to push his luck.

To be cautious, The Mouse took a lactase supplement dose.

Result, no unwanted after effects. Okay, there was just a tiny amount of gas, but nothing to be concerned about. 🙂

TMI? Hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Signature Recipe

Not The Mouse’s.

The Mouse’s father was not a wiz in the kitchen. He could boil water, fry eggs and SPAM, toast bread, cook rice. On days he had to cook, one of his go-to dishes turned out pretty good … to a kid at least.

The dish started with rice.

Today, The Mouse used microwavable rice.



So, here’s where The Mouse’s father takes over.

Hot Rice, a couple of Pats of Butter, Splash of Shoyu

Hot Rice, a couple of Pats of Butter, Splash of Shoyu

Tah-dah! Mix well, eat.

The deluxe dish was add an egg, raw or fried. 🙂

Thanks dad!

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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