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Epic Burger

Dinner with the Cuzs, Five Spice Kitchen.

Before the burger, the “pupus”.

Lechon Crispy Pork Belly

Crispy lechon, Okinawan sweet potato puree, ginger scallion oil, cherry tomato salad, soy chili pepper water. Nom.

Five Spice Duck

Banh mi pickles, balsamic hoisin sauce.

Fall off the bone, crispy skin. 🙂

Bao Buns

Served DYI.

Now the burger.

Wagyu Burger

Eight ounce burger, house-made brioche bun, Sriracha yuzu aioli, banh mi pickles, thick cut bacon, sharp white chedder, fried egg.

Epic. The Mouse ate it deconstructed with a fork and knife. Huge nom!

The cuzs ordered soup and salad (no pictures) and Snapper “chazuke”.

Crispy Skin Snapper, choy sum, fuikakae and pickled ginger rice, miso consomme

The cuz liked.

Have to take The Cat when she gets back.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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Burgers and Comics?

Ever since The Mouse’s cuz texted his wagyu burger, The Mouse has been jonesing for a hamburger. Waiting to go with him.

In the meantime, a little detour on the way home.


The Mouse has been here once before, but did take-out. This time, wanted the full sit-down experience.


Comic themed. Like walking into someone’s garage.

Side Salad

The Mouse went basic.

“Juicy Burger”

Burger braised in housemade jus, greens, tomato, balsamic aioli.

Stacked View


Not as epic as the cuz’s burger, but kept the wolf at bay for a while. 🙂

The Kitchen

Definitely will return. Parking and seating could be an issue, have to see when is less crowded.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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After Drinks

Food! Since we were in Chinatown (see previous post). In the last couple of years, new “trendy” eating spots have opened up and helped to revitalize and “clean up” the Chinatown area. Not so much the center, but the outlying streets. Nearby Manifest.

Yakitori Hachibei

The Mouse really wanted to try but they were full that night. 😦

Tattoo Parlor

If The Mouse were ever to get a tattoo (not likely, afraid of needles and pain), maybe a mouse with a chef’s knife in one paw and a cast iron frying pan in the other? Hee hee.

Ended up here.


Positive rating on Yelp, try try.

Plant Wall

More wall art? Hee hee. Too bad the plants were not herbs. Oh well.

Steak Knife

First time for The Mouse to try a Laguiole knife. Looks nice, but sorry, seems this particular knife was more hype than performance. Maybe it was too old, dunno.

On to the food.


The Cat’s order. mushrooms and an onsen egg. Both The Cat and The Mouse thought there was too much something in the dish (maybe strong cheese), threw off the taste of the dish. Too bad, the ingredients sounded tasty. Maybe because the executive chef/owner wasn’t there. 😦

Burger and Fries

The Mouse’s order. Had better luck. Simple but well made. The Mouse liked the caramelized onions in the burger.

Meyer’s Lemon Sorbet

The Mouse thought it tasted similar to Key Lime pie (a good thing).

Heading out to pick up The Cat’s brother (visiting from Hong Kong).

Have a great weekend!

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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So far, Burger King, Jack in the Box, and Panda Express has various incentives to participate in their customer surveys. Being pake, try to participate as often as possible.

Burger King and Jack in the Box places time limits on answering the survey and using the perk. Sigh.

Used a “Jack’s” one last night.

Jumbo Jacks

Buy one, get one free. Hee hee!

Jumbo Jack, Tomato, Shiso

So, The Mouse not too fond of lettuce on his burgers, tends to slide around and make holding the burger a challenge.

Chopped lettuce is more logical to The Mouse than whole leaves. Same with sliced onions, chopped is okay, sliced, not so much.

Plus, The Mouse likes lots of tomato on his burgers/sandwiches. So, a little modification.

Burger, Mouse Style

Tomato, thinly sliced, sprinkled with salt and pepper, shiso, when available. Yum!

Oh, the “get one free” burger? Went into the refridge for tomorrow.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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No Hawaiian plate this week.

Coworker got her hands on a Goteborg sausage from Kauai, and shared some with the office. For some reason which The Mouse does not know yet. A Kauai regional food. I don’t think any other island favors Goteborg sausage as much as Kauai. More research is needed.

Goteborg Sausage

Of course The Mouse had to try. For breakfast. Hee hee.

Sausage went well with the planned breakfast.

Vegemite Toast and Dried Plums

With Earl Grey tea. Director brought back a tea bag variety from her trip to Disneyland. Tea. Not Mickey hats. Sigh.

Finally got to try the “Student Special #1” from St. Louis Drive Inn down the hill from campus. Highly recommended by a coworker from the old job.

Student Special #1

Two burgers, French fries, drink. Six bucks.

Chomp View

Burger, a little sauce, bun. No other accoutrements. Super old school. On the plus side, burger wasn’t drowned in sauce. On the minus side, no lettuce/tomato (at least lettuce). Good to try though.

Another coworker brought in something she didn’t want for the two known food enthusiasts in the office.


Coworker is not a vegetable/fruit eater plus not adventurous in the eating arena. The Mouse offered to cut a piece for her. Nope. That’s okay, The Cat and The Mouse benefit. 🙂


Since The Mouse didn’t have lau lau and or kalua pork on Friday, picked up a little “cat food” on the way home. 🙂

Hamachi Poke

And a little “mouse treat” too.

Smoked Salmon Poke

The hamachi poke for dinner, the smoked salmon poke to snack on.

The Cat had lunch at Romano’s Macaroni Grill.

Eggplant Parmesan

The Cat brought home a little mousie bag, went into the freezer, probably will end up as part of one of The Cat’s bento next week.

Have a good weekend.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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