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Package of dried fish cube in the warehouse kitchen. The Mouse had to try.

Dried Fish Snacks

Reminded The Mouse of dried pork floss, that sometimes accessorizes The Cat’s jook, in cube form.

The Mouse took a few home to share with The Cat.

Bowl of Jook

Asparagus and fish cubes. The Cat thought the cubes tasted more like dried tofu than fish.

The Mouse had thoughts of Charlton Heston and Soylent Green. It’s almost 2022. Hee hee

The Mouse also used up a bag of fresh Brussels sprouts.

Charred Brussels Sprouts

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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Cheap eats and leftovers.

The Mouse picked up while grocery shopping.

Mini Fried Chicken Bento

Just right for The Mouse’s dinner. Two thigh pieces, vegetables, one scoop rice. $3.50, cheap eats.

For The Cat’s dinner, The Mouse boned the chicken, boiled the bones for broth, simmered leftover rice, a handful of frozen green beans (french cut), all over leftover miso butterfish.

The Cat’s Jook Hybrid

The Mouse also found fresh Brussels sprouts. Halved, oiled, salted, toaster ovened.

Toaster Ovened Brussels Sprouts

Charred, The Cat liked. 🙂

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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The Cat’s, assembled by The Mouse.


White rice, mixed grain, vegetarian chili, steamed pork belly, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, egg, Hanapepe salt.

Stay safe.

The Mouse

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The Mouse has been wanting to try this place for years. Their porchetta sandwich is legendary. Last time he was there, The Mouse’s pocket money was kinda an issue.

This week, The Cat, on a business trip went first.

The Place


The Line


The Sandwich

With crispy skin bits.

The Meal

The Cat also got roasted potatoes and Brussels sprouts, roasted with the pan drippings.

The Cat said worth it. The Mouse will get there someday.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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More like dinner with the relatives at the cuz’s house. Nothing pretentious, just good food.

Slow Roasted Brisket

The picture does not do it justice. Fall apart tender. The Cat thought it was pork and nommed.

Roasted Potatoes

More nom.

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

Is it Brussels Sprouts or Brussel Sprouts, hmm.


The cookies were so good, The Cat took home a couple.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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