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Boba Ice Cream

Over here in SPAM Land, one of the hottest food trends for a couple months now is the boba ice cream bar.

The Cat finally got to try the brand the warehouse distributes (we can’t even buy from the warehouse as employees yet).

Boba Ice Cream Bar

Brown sugar flavor. The Cat is not a boba tea drinker, neither is The Mouse, so the impact probably was not as “knock you socks off” as a person that appreciates boba, but a good try try.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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Eat Dessert First

Give yourself permission. Hee hee.

Mixed Berry Pie

The Cat bought for The Mouse (one of his favorite). Fridays only, Irish Pub near The Cat’s office. Not too sweet, kinda tart. Mmm.

Boba Ice Cream Bars

Distributed by our warehouse, selling like you wouldn’t believe. Temporary moratorium on employees buying from the warehouse. The Cat wanted to try. The Mouse bought like a regular customer from the grocery store, only two boxes left before restock.

The Cat hasn’t tried yet, will update when that happens.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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