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The Cat had a craving. Errand nearby.


Eggplant (nasubi) with shoyu pork, Bittermelon (goya) with pork. Mmm!

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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The Mouse thinks this are the last pics from The Cat’s schoolmate visit. The Cat chose Okinawan food for dinner one night.

Goya Chanpuru

Bittermelon w/Tofu & Eggs, choice of meat, The Mouse chose bacon. Hee hee. The smokiness of the bacon perfectly complemented the bittermelon.

Nasubi Chanpuru

Eggplant w/Tofu & Green Onions, choice of meat, this time shoyu pork. Mmm!

Soki Soup

Pork Spareribs, Daikon, Konbu & Cabbage. Comfort food. 🙂

Last but certainly no least,

Nori Wrapped Ahi Tempura

 Ahi w/Mayonnaise & Kabayaki Sauce drizzle. Our server’s favorite dish. He did not disappoint. While the dish may not be our favorite, we normally eat Okinawan cuisine for the comfort/homestyle vibe, the tempura was a welcome contrast to the soups and stews. The Mouse would order again. 🙂

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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After Sunday required nap, The Cat was in the mood for soup (90% of the time The Cat is in the mood for soup). Up the street to the neighborhood chop suey.

Oxtail Soup

Almost old school style. Not as “rich” as old school, but, The Cat was satisfied.

The Mouse, not as crazy a soup fanatic as The Cat.

Steamed Choi Sum


Bittermelon with Pork – Black Bean Sauce


Steamed Buns

Quite a bit of leftover, guess we thought we were hungrier than we were. That’s okay, less prep time in the kitchen for The Mouse. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse




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