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Sandwich Saturday

The Mouse tries newly opened “take-out”.


I think three tables and a very short counter seating. At first, The Mouse was confused with the spelling, but there’s a bunny in the sign, explains everything. Hee hee.

Traditional Bahn Mi

Length was longer than what The Mouse was used to getting. Filling was really good. Only “complaint” was the pickled turnip and carrots could’ve been more “vinegar-y”. Not quite enough acid. The Mouse will return. Three and a half paws up.

So, sandwich Saturday was not planned, but after a late “Costco run” for The Cat, and a fleeting thought of getting a Costco hotdog, The Mouse went a little more healthy.

Oven Roasted Chicken Sandwich

Subway running a special on this selection. One of The Mouse’s “go-to” at Subway. Funny, the meat looks pre-formed. Kinda reminds The Mouse, shape-wise anyway, of SPAM. Hee hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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So, banh mi it was. The Mouse did drive into the Costco parking lot for a hot dog but the place was packed, probably would’ve spent more on gas finding a parking space than purchasing the actual hot dog.

Picked up a ham and “pate” banh mi at the neighborhood Vietnamese restaurant.

Banh Mi

And … had to “soup it up” just a bit.

Pickled Okra and Carrots

From the local Picnics from the Vine: https://picnicsfromthevine.com/

Banh Mi, After Mods

The Mouse’s only “comment”, could’ve used more Chinese parsley (cilantro), but minor minor. It’s all good.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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“Client” lunch with Chef H.

Shrimp Bruschetta



So, The Cat and Chef H ordered a pork banh mi and a grilled Portobello sandwich. Server was kind enough to split the order onto two plates. No fuss. The Cat and Chef H got half an order of everything. Neat huh? Wait, where’s the Portobello sandwich?

Chocolate Cake

Chef H took the leftover cake home. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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A compilation.

The Cat likes soup.

Tomato Bisque

Cafe up the street. Part of Sunday’s dinner.

More Tomato Bisque

Nordstrom at the mall.

Mushroom Soup and Turkey Sandwich

The Cat ate at the Museum cafe again.

The Mouse’s Pate and Steamed Pork Banh Mi Sandwich

With spring roll.


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At Last

I’ve been wanting banh mi for several weeks now. I love the ones that include pâté. My search brought me here.


Notice the almost neon pink paint, can’t miss it from the street.

Menu Cover


I know, I know, the important stuff.

Combo Banh Mi

Ham, Vietnamese sausage, and pâté. Freshly toasted bread, pickled vegetables, nom nom yum.


Banh mi and lemonade, kind of goes together for me. This one was a little too sweet, not enough lemon. Oh well.

They have some unusual fillings for their banh mi.


Maybe next time I’ll try the hamburger or vege, tofu, avocado banh mi. The Cat will probably go for the soft shell crab banh mi.

Too bad Etta James wasn’t singing in the background (just saying). 🙂


The Mouse

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