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Chef’s choice dinner. 🙂

Amuse Bouche

Venison, poached pear, spinach, demi-glace. The Mouse could have had this as an entree. Mmm!


“Caesar” salad, red wine vinaigrette, hearts of palm, extra anchovies. The vinegar and anchovy taste combo. Mmm again.


With pasta, tomato coulis. Not sure about the preparation of the salmon, well cooked.

Dry-Aged Duck

Again, The Mouse didn’t get the preparation again, tasted a little plum-like flavor. The Cat and The Mouse had take most home for later. The venison and the duck, the best.

Banana Foster

Mango sorbet. Great combination.

Overall, inspired meal. 🙂

Be safe and well.

The Mouse

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Just a few pics while The Mouse preps the others.

Setting the tone, atmosphere, “ambiance”.


Sunset themed non-alcoholic cocktail.

Strawberry and Mango Slushie

After sunset.


The Mouse: “Mine!”


Hmm, The Mouse going off on a tangent, anchovies, horseradish (or wasabi), and anchovies. Whatcha think?

Anyways, rushing off for more doctor ordered blood tests. Ugh!

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Dinner with the cuzs. Sunset and Chef’s choice. The Cat took the sunset pics, as usual, and saw the green flash. The Mouse, the food.

Tomato Bisque and Cheese Crostini


Lobster Bisque


Caesar Salad


Extra Anchovies

Extra thanks to our server, Miss C, for the anchovies, must’ve given us at least half a tin.

Steamed Onaga, Chinese Style


Kaua‘i Petite Filet, Foie Gras, Green Beans, Pickled Purple Cabbage, Mashed Potato with Truffles

Big nom!

Orange Peel Flambe

Our skilled server got sommelier certified in Japan, prefers working as a server, maybe better tips?

Banana Foster


Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Some men tinker with cars, some men tinker with sports, I tinker with food. Last week we had dinner with friends at Assagio in Kailua.

The Cat ordered fresh eggplant Milanese (diced eggplant pan fried in olive oil, garlic, and fresh basil, served over linguine).

Fresh Eggplant Milanese

I ordered anchovies over rigatoni.

Rigatoni with Anchovies

There was a lot of crispy garlic bits incorporated into the anchovies and olive oil, quite a powerful combination.

I think many cultures have some kind of preserved sauce or ingredient (think Chinese salted shrimp paste, Filipino patis, etc.). According to the Wikipedia article, western cooking also used a type of fermented fish sauce called garum. You can read the article here. In fact, one of  Lea & Perrins’ Worcestershire sauces contains anchovies as one of its ingredients (so there).

Enough of the lesson. A couple of days ago, I put my own spin on the above dishes (you know I had to).

For The Cat, I made pan fried eggplant in spicy peanut sauce over skinny spaghetti with black sesame seeds.

Less garlic, less olive oil, more eggplant, add peanut butter, re-hydrated shiitake mushrooms, some chili powder (I was out of sriracha sauce), and sprinkle with ground black sesame seeds.

For myself, I made tuna over skinny spaghetti.

I substituted canned tuna for anchovies (it’s cheaper). Less garlic, added chili powder, and charred green onions (I can’t get my stove high enough to burn the green onions like in Chinese restaurants, but it was okay), and used the oil from the tuna. I think I need to hire a dragon to properly scorch green onions (know of any I can contact? Must have fire breathing capability). (See 21 November 2010 post) 🙂

The Cat gave my effort three paws.

Will be tinkering again.

Much thanks to M & J.


The Mouse

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