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Picked up a package from the warehouse.


Sometimes when packages expire or slightly damaged, warehouse lets the employees take. Still usable, just not sellable. The Mouse took one, no waste. Hee hee.

The Cat’s bowl of noodles.

Bowl of Noods

The Mouse added the celery, bamboo shoot, wakame seaweed.

The package has a packet of kimchi in it. Didn’t use it yet.

The Cat liked the noodle texture, slightly chewy.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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Warehouse owner recently bought a prepared food manufacturing company, lau lau, kalua pork, etc. The Mouse is looking forward to the integration. Nom!

The staff came in to brief the sales staff. And they brought food!

The Mouse got take home some of the leftovers.


Lau lau, smoked pork, roast pork (both Chinese and Filipino styles), grilled salmon, ice cream banana, bamboo rice.

The Cat got a bowl of tomato soup with coconut milk, the grilled salmon (eaten while still fresh), and roasted sweet potato.

Tomato Soup with Coconut Milk

The Mouse put the rest of the cooked food in the freezer, maybe for The Mouse’s bento next week.

Good kine leftovers. 🙂

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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Curry chicken, instant noodles, coconut milk, frozen cauliflower, canned bamboo shoot.

The Cat’s Soup Bowl

The Cat slurped.

The Mouse trying to finish a project at work. He feels like the guy with a shovel and a rolling dustbin following the elephants in a parade. Ugh! Oh well, job security I guess.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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Leftover pastries from the warehouse.

Ham and Cheese Croissant, Tuna Bun

The Mouse made soup. Not really made soup. More like open cans and throw everything into a pot kinda “made”.

Tomato, Tomato Soup, Coconut Milk

Chopped the tomato, and everything into the pot.

Chunky Tomato Soup, The Mouse Riffs

Oh yeah, also threw in a spoonful or so of canned corn (with water), just ’cause The Mouse found it in the refridge. Hee hee.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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Ever since The Cat visited Louisiana, she has been infatuated with the po’ boy sandwich (fried oyster and soft shell crab). Kinda hard to find po’ boy sandwiches here at SPAM Land. Newly opened Cajun style restaurant at the nearby mall.


There was soft shell crab, just not in a po’ boy. The Cat opted for a fried oyster sandwich with a side of clam chowder.

Clam Chowder

“Creamy New England clam chowder loaded with diced potatoes and chopped clams topped with bacon bits.” The Cat said not bad. The Mouse didn’t taste (forgot his lactase enzyme pills). But there’s bacon on it! Can’t be all bad. Hee hee.

Fried Oyster Po’ Boy

“Your Favorite Fried dish in a Louisiana style sandwich dressed with house-made cole slaw, tomatoes, pickles, and a spicy remoulade sauce.”

While not from a Louisiana kitchen, The Cat was satisfied. Sufficient oysters to cover the sandwich.

On the recommendation of the server, The Mouse ordered a catfish po’ boy.

Catfish Po’ Boy

Substituted cole slaw for fries. The Mouse really likes the cole slaw and remoulade sauce in the sandwich. Messy, but very tasty and fresh.

The next time, The Mouse may request a soft shell crab po’ boy. Charge a little extra, might be worth it. Hmm.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse.

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