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The Mouse went into the warehouse Saturday. Boo! The accounting records are not very “clean”. Brunch was 7-Eleven provisions.

Kalua Pork and Cabbage over Rice, Lemongrass Chicken Sushi Roll

The pork to rice ratio was slightly off, but okay for convenience food eating. Cheap eats. Nothing a little splush of shoyu cannot make okay. Hee hee.

The lemongrass chicken sushi roll reminded The Mouse of Chinese cold ginger chicken.

End Shot

Not bad, A tiny bit more of ginger onion sauce would be appreciated.

On the way home, The Mouse took a side street that he rarely takes and found a popcorn shop.


Kinda non-descript two-story business building. The Mouse would’ve passed it except for the paint job in front.

Ideal since The Mouse was thinking of bringing a bit of noms to Chef, the general manager, and assistant general manager. They all have been very nice whenever we visit.

The Mouse selected two bags of “baklava” flavored (walnut, cinnamon, honey) and one bag of furikake and cheddar cheese mix.


The furikake and cheddar cheese mix sounded kind weird to The Mouse but the shopkeep assured was one of the most popular and one of her favorite. The colors were intriguing.

A little munchie on their next binge watching event. Hee hee.

There was even a little leftover of the furikake cheddar cheese mix the shopkeep included. The Mouse and The Cat can sample. 🙂

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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One of the warehouse affiliates brought in bunches of apple bananas. The Mouse snagged two.

Apple Banana

The Mouse made an “after school snack” with his.

“After School Snack”

Royal Cream cracker, Kona coffee flavored, honey roasted peanut butter, apple banana, monk fruit sugar sprinkle. Mmm noms. 🙂

The Cat will probably eat hers plain, maybe with yogurt.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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The warehouse cleaning out their shelves. Stragglers. Staff could take. The Mouse did. Hee hee.


The Mouse didn’t open yet, waiting for the weekend.


For The Cat’s lunch bag.

Stay well and safe.

The Mouse

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Jus’ Pics

Prepping meat for the week.

Pork Belly

Simple prep. Cleaned, simmered (water, apple cider vinegar, rum). The Mouse is not sure if he is making a soy-based glaze or brown gravy (packaged) or just salt and pepper.

Simple snack.

Crackers, Butter, Vegemite

Is it just The Mouse’s imagination, but the crackers and Vegemite tastes better with butter than margarine. 🙂

The Mouse thought about adding a package of natto to the mix but didn’t thaw it out soon enough. Next time.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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The Mouse is not sure if it’s because of the coming Christmas season but the warehouse is receiving more samples for the sales staff to consider.


Popcorn, not just any popcorn, this one flavored with Szechuan peppercorn.


Sufficiently spiced to numb tongue. The Mouse likes. Thumbs up!

Fuyu Persimmons

Organic, seedless, large. The Mouse nabbed three for The Cat. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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