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The Mouse’s new “acquired taste”. He did not appreciate the taste before, but lately, The Mouse likes. 🙂


Helps that the nearby grocery store is starting to stock more Japanese products. The Bull-Dog sauce doesn’t replace ketchup, but another option in The Mouse’s “quiver”.

The Mouse used a MikeyD coupon, picked-up a quarter-pounder for dinner, no onions, light mustard, light ketchup, no salt, to better experience the Bull-Dog sauce.

The Mouse’s Quarter Pounder with Bull-Dog Sauce

Mmm! 🙂

Thinner consistency than ketchup, less sweet, more tart. The Mouse is not giving up ketchup, just adding more flavors. 🙂

Be safe and well.

The Mouse

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Salty Sweet

The Mouse has not done a braise in a while. Too humid for soup. Nice package of pork ribs (cut for sweet sour) at the store.

Pork Ribs

After the initial parboil wash, braise for about an hour in water and apple cider vinegar. Added miso, sake, fresh ginger, and raw honey and braised for another 1/2 hour.

Miso, Sake, and Honey Braised Pork Ribs

The ribs came out tasty and tender, the sauce over rice or mashed potatoes, awesome.

Flavor kinda “teriyaki-ish”, more earthy, funky (fermented in a good way).

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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A bit cool and wet for us. Needed hot soup. Lunch at the nearby shabu shabu restaurant, AYCE. Yay!

The Cat’s Soup

Chicken and coconut milk. The Cat liked, The Mouse passed (not a fan of coconut, except for haupia).

The Mouse’s Soup

The regular mushroom broth. The Mouse’s standard choice.

Really though, The Mouse’s favorite thing about this shabu shabu place.

Ginger Onion Sauce

One of the tops on The Mouse’s list of sauces. The Mouse ate several servings of dumplings with this sauce. Nom!

Could’ve ate it with white rice too but had his fill with all the dumplings. Hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Funn-y Soup Bowl

From the cuz.


This sauce made with “ayu” sweetfish and salt.

Used the sauce to make a quick bowl of look funn noodles.

The Mouse’s Bowl

Look funn noodles, ayu sauce, wakame seaweed, dried shrimp (just a pinch), dried mushroom, spicy bamboo shoot. Slurp! Nom! 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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