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C’mon people, isn’t there enough real crises in the world? Now you have to fabricate drama? Sheesh.


Whomever made the “human error” better get their head on straight.

The Mouse just ranting.



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The Mouse’s phone (and related camera) is kaput. Can’t update nor restore (which is what started this downhill slide in the first place). Can’t restart. Big sigh!

Please Stand By

Went to the phone carrier, said it was a product issue. Went to the Apple store, walk-in wait over four hours. Next appointment is later next week. Why would you create a product that people “can’t live without” and not have the technical support to service it in a timely manner? Where’s Steve Jobs when you need him?

Going to stand in line this morning hoping to be one of the first walk-ins for service.

The Mouse wonders if turning into a Luddite is not such a bad thing.

Anyway, keep you posted.

The Mouse

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Really not much happened yesterday, chained to the desk, inherited an extremely complex excel spreadsheet.

Only picture yesterday.


First, the bottle shaped like the old school milk bottles, second, Sillycow Farms? So cute ya?

Heading out for yum cha, dim sum with a retired German chef, and executive chef for Michel’s (also of German origin). Gonna be interesting. Might even ask one of the chefs what to do with the can of escargot The Mouse bought from the food warehouse and is now sitting in our refridge. Hee hee.

Defrosting chicken feet in the refridge, still have a “ton” of that Chinese dried vegetable. Hmm.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Still “chained” to the office desk. Eating is hand food that can be eaten while still using the computer. Best to just nosh.

Peanut Butter Toast and Strawberries

Strawberries are leftover from the president’s breakfast gathering on Tuesday.

SPAM Onigiri and Clementine

The Clementine is also a leftover.

Taro Burger

Breakfast. Taro, luau leaves, and other supposedly good stuff. No substitute for hamburger, more like hash brown. For The Mouse, hash brown has to have catsup.

Taro Burger with Catsup, Dried Plums

Needed a fork for this one, but still could use the mouse (not The Mouse).

Can you tell? The Mouse likes catsup on certain foods. Go President Reagan!

Burdock Root, Japanese Style

Kinda finger food, with napkin. Hee hee.

The Mouse’s brain must’ve gotten stuck in nosh mode, even after work.

Lee’s Hamburger Delux from Local Boy Sushi

Not gourmet at all, super old school. Nostalgia yum.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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Last week, on the way to work, The Mouse drove through Burger King thinking it was a Jack in the Box. Sigh.

Probably needed an extra strong shot of coffee that morning. The person at the other end of the microphone must’ve been confused too when The Mouse tried to order something not on their menu. Anywho, since I was there. Ordered a breakfast croissant.

Anywho, since I was there. Ordered a breakfast croissant.

Breakfast Croissant

Lucky BK breakfast sandwiches are number two on The Mouse’s list of decent chain breakfasts.

One sandwich, over four bucks! Changed order to two sandwiches for five bucks. Had the other one for lunch. Being pake. Hee hee.

Two days later, The Mouse corrected his confusion.

Breakfast Sandwich w/ Shiso Leaf

Maybe The Mouse needs to start taking ginko biloba or something. Old age. Sigh.

Resizing yesterday lunch pictures in process. Post soon.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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