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Everything’s better with …

SPAM! (bacon too).

This week, The Mouse’s dindin has been ham sandwiches.

Ham Sandwich

Whole wheat bread from JJ2 Bakery, a smidge of mayo, mustard, Romaine lettuce, ham. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Yesterday, a flash of inspiration. What if The Mouse added SPAM?

But not just SPAM out of the can but fried. Hee hee.

Decanned the SPAM, medium sliced, pan-fried, medium heat until slightly crispy/chewy.

Fried SPAM

Best if there is a little kogi. Hee hee.

Last night’s sandwich.

Ham Sandwich with Fried SPAM

Much better. Not quite bacon, but very very close. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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Organic? Uncured?

Tried this.


The Cat’s idea. Trying to be more healthful?

Basic sandwich.

Ham Sandwich

Whole wheat bread from JJ2 Bakery, stone ground mustard, tomato, shiso, and the ham.

Overall, okay, jus’ okay. Mild flavor, reminded The Mouse of bologna, not so much ham. Texture on the softer side, easily chewed.

The Mouse thinks his favorite is still the ham from Honey Glazed Hams of Hawaii. Too bad they only sell whole hams and sandwiches. No smaller portions to take home. Sigh.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Ham Day

And bacon. Hee hee.

Started with breakfast. The Mouse had a coupon. Buy the “hash brown” and coffee, sandwich is free.

Ham Croissant Breakfast Sandwich and Hash Brown

All for just under $4 bucks. Pake mouse. Hee hee.

Lunch was a made-to-order ham sandwich from Honey Glazed Hams of Hawai‘i.

Sandwich in Process

Not paper-thin slices. Thick and tender cuts.

Ham Sandwich


In the afternoon, an unexpected treat from one of the bosses.

Bacon Donut and Cream Pastry

Ham and bacon day!

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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