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Fried Fish

The Mouse did some contract work over the weekend. The Mouse’s opinion, more than full-time work, part-time schedule, always behind.

Picked up a quick lunch from 7-Eleven (on route).

Fried Fish Musubi

The Mouse’s opinion again, better than a Filet-o-Fish, and cheaper too. 🙂

Speaking of which.


The Mouse picked one up for dinner, strictly for comparison purposes, hee hee.

No cheese, light tartar sauce, add pickles. The Mouse’s preferences.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse.

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No Recipe

Lazy day for The Mouse.


Frozen mixed vegetables, wakame, canned sardine (really big ones). Hee hee.

Stay saffe and well.

The Mouse

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From 7-Eleven no less.

Salmon and Tofu over Multi-Grain Rice

The Mouse’s breakfast, kinda on the small-ish size, just right for breakfast, reasonably priced, not cheap eats. Salmon portion was decent and cooked well, not dry. Bought this before for The Cat, without her glasses on, she thought it was butterfish, nicely cooked. 🙂

Not frequent for The Mouse but a definite buy again.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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At least that’s what The Cat calls these types of dishes (grain or pasta, canned fish, vegetable) made by The Mouse. Heh heh.

“Cat” Food

This time it was orzo pasta, wakame seaweed, frozen spinach, frozen peas and carrot, canned tuna (packed in oil). Mmm. Hee hee. 🙂

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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One More Soup

The Mouse bought a smoked salmon collar from the market.

Smoked Salmon Collar

Fish collar, one of The Cat’s favorite parts of fish, the head and tail being the other parts.

The Mouse made a no-recipe “winter” soup.


Similar to previous post, butternut squash, napa cabbage, celery, wakame seaweed, and the salmon collar (if you look lower right you can see the fin).

The collar was slightly over smoked, parts of the salmon was too chewy for The Cat but tasted good and most of the fish was edible.

Stay safe ane well.

The Mouse

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