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The Cat brought home a bag of pork and shrimp filled dumplings. Problem is either they defrosted or something. The dumplings became a massive lump of dough, the dumplings could not be pulled, pried, or chiseled apart (The Mouse tried). Not to waste, The Mouse tried steaming the whole thing in one lump.

Steamed Blob

At first The Mouse thought maybe ravioli or lasagna-like? This was before the first bite. Uhm, no. Raviolo and lasagna have a balanced texture and taste (designed). This blob had parts that were all dough, no filling, bleh. Maybe gravy or marinara or meat sauce (yeah meat sauce) would help? Ugh!

Or … Maybe target practice? Just kidding … Hmm.

Oh well, win some …

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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T & D

No, not T & A, T & D, trauma & drama.

A current usual Sunday, farmers market, grocery shopping (hopefully for the week), some kinda meal (breakfast, brunch, lunch), afternoon nap.

Yesterday, no chicken feet, pig feet instead.

Pig Foot

Pig Foot

No, that’s not the trauma.

Okay, a little back story, The Mouse has been jonesing for bibimbap for a couple of weeks now. Waiting for Chef D at AJ’s Chinese Fast Food to add to his menu.

Saturday, he finally added Korean food to the menu.

"Food Court"

“Food Court”

Korean, Chinese, and Mexican selections from one chef. A one man food court.

Only thing is the bibimbap he offered was seafood bibimbap, wanted beef or pork. Sigh. Settled for a two choice selection.

Plate Lunch

Plate Lunch

Kalua pork and cabbage, spicy pork belly with onions and peppers, white rice.

On to the present. We’ve been going to the 24 hour Korean BBQ restaurant in our area, not frequently, but more than once. Thought it could be placed on our “go-to” list. Uhm, NO!

On the menu, Bibimbap either in a hot stone pot or in a “regular” bowl (extra charge for the stone pot option). In the “regular” bowl, the vegetables stay “fresh” and crispy, and the egg remains “runny” (if properly done right, in my opinion). In the hot stone pot, the vegetables “cook” and the egg gets “scrambled”.

Plus, I think (don’t quote me) the hot pot option has extra oil so the rice can crisp.

After the Saturday epic prix fixe dinner, was feeling more the fresher option. The server kept trying to push the hot pot version. Kept telling her no, wanted the “regular” bowl. As a side note, it appears (remember perception is everything). that there is a little more volume in the “regular” bowl compared with the hot pot version.

So, what does The Mouse get?

Hot Pot Bibimbap

Hot Pot Bibimbap

Another server offered to change the order. With the possibility that the dish would be trashed, I said I would eat the hot pot order. I think I watched too much Star Trek (and Mr. Spock) as a kid “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”

The original server then tried to tell how to eat the dish and how much gochujang sauce to put on. By now I’m getting really irritated, a U2 song is starting to play in mind (“I still haven’t found what I’m looking for”). At this point, don’t touch my food! Go away!

As I feared, the vegetables got overcooked, and the egg got scrambled. Bleh! Ate less than half and took the rest home (maybe The Cat will take it for Monday lunch).

To add insult to injury, the original server came over a couple of time to ask “isn’t it yummy?” Each time I told her “no, not what I ordered”. She smiles and walks away. Customer service … ick. I should have not listened to Mr. Spock and returned the order for my original order.

The last straw? The restaurant charged us for the incorrect order. I guess they thought since we “accepted” it, we should be charged for it. No acknowledgement that the order was wrong, nothing, nadda.

When the server was clearing the dishes, she asked “wasn’t it yummy”?


BTW, This is what the “regular” bowl looks like.

Bibimbap (Non-Hot Pot)

Bibimbap (Non-Hot Pot)

The Cat’s order.

Anywho, tomorrow’s another day.

Thanks for letting bend your ear (or is it bend your eye?). 🙂

Eat well.

The Mouse


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