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One of The Mouse’s former bosses (who becomes a client), husband’s birthday. Sorry, confusing. Birthday brunch. Eating House 1840 by Roy Yamaguchi.

The Cat’s Order

Plantation style paella rice stew. Portuguese sausage, chorizo, shrimp, and clams. Tasty.

The Mouse’s Order

Sampler plate: chicken spring roll (ok), Mongolian ribs (tender, fall off the bone, slightly spicy, mmm), tempura spicy ahi sushi roll (ok). Winner was the ribs. The Mouse still trying to cut back, not eliminate extra starch.

For “starch”, The Mouse also ordered.

Crispy Brussels Sprouts

Lemon mint aioli, lup cheong sausage, pepitas. The Mouse shared with The Cat and “birthday boy”. Another winner dish.

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

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The Mouse, working from home, nothing fancy eats.


Pastele, rice (about two and a half bites), sweet potato.

Simmered Turnip

With ginger, one dried date. The turnip absorbed the spiciness of the ginger. Salt added before serving. The water from cooking the turnip made for soup base for The Cat’s noodles, turnip-y and ginger-y. Hee hee.

The Cat’s Bento

The rest of the rice, pastele bite, leftover yuba rolls, fried pork crumb, sweet potato, turnip. 🙂

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

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A revisit to Wolfgang’s steakhouse for breakfast, The Cat thinks one of the better deals for breakfast.

The Cat’s choice, again.

Smoked Salmon

The Mouse’s choice, again,

Vegetable Benedict

So, something new, not the menu, The Mouse order. The Mouse was in the mood, ’tis the season, hee hee.

Pastry Assortment

As menu items go, the pastries were a good deal. Mmm. Took some home for breakfast the next day. 🙂

Be safe,eat good.

The Mouse

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The Cat and The Mouse met with friends to catch up. A “Hong Kong” style cafe.

The Cat ordered.

Hainan Chicken

The Mouse ordered.

Tendon and Won Ton over Rice

Really good, a good portion of rice, the tendon, wonton, and vegetable just a little sparse though.

Unfortunately, the restaurant is another victim of the situation that cannot be named.


The Cat and The Mouse did not frequent this restaurant (this was actually our first time), it was recommended to us by my urologist. But still “the situation that cannot be named” has taken its toll. Sad.

The Cat saw on the menu a porkchop dish that piqued her interest. Hopefully, we can make another visit before …

Be safe and well.

The Mouse

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The Cat and The Mouse running errands across the mountain. Brunch at Anna Miller’s.

The Place

According to something The Mouse read, there used to be a chain of restaurants mostly in Japan, and one in SPAM Land. As of August 31, 2022, the last of the restaurants in Japan will close leaving the SPAM Land location the last bastion.

The Mouse ordered.

Chili Pot Pie

Also on the menu was chicken pot pie but the cream gravy scared The Mouse. Order came with side salad and cornbread.


The chili was okay, the crust was fabulously flakey, made up for any deficiencies of the chili. Too bad The Mouse can’t try the pie crust with the creamed chicken.

The cornbread was split and grilled. Mmm.

The Cat ordered.

Omelet with Cornbread

Mushroom, tomato, and avocado. The stuffing was generous. The Cat thought the omelet needed a little more oil and salt.

The Cat and The Mouse couldn’t leave without trying a slice of pie.

Pecan Pie

Again, the crust, chef’s kiss, muah! The filling was pretty good too, not overly sweet.

Be safe and well.

The Mouse

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