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The Cat is off visiting relatives. While The Cat has breakfast …


In Hong Kong.




The Mouse has dinner … at a conveyor belt sushi shop.





More Natto

And, The Mouse (almost) always has to finish sushi meals with tamagoyaki.

Egg Omelet

It’s almost the weekend, boss is driving The Mouse nuts. Sigh.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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Sunday Dinner

The Cat’s schedule was kinda “modified” Sunday. Instead of lunch at Ruby Tuesday, it was dinner.

Salad Bar Salad

Same same.

But, instead of the regular burger, The Mouse ordered …

Flatiron Steak, Baked Potato

Medium rare. 🙂

Because The Mouse chose salad bar as one of his sides, plating was in the Manago Hotel style. Hee hee.

The Cat ordered …

Chicken Stacker

Chicken breast, grilled and layered with roasted baby bella mushrooms, strips of crispy bacon, Parmesan cream sauce, and shaved Asiago cheese.

Again, because one of the sides is salad bar, Manago Hotel plating.

The Mouse got the bacon. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Japanese Rye Bread

Try try.

The Foundation

Japanese rye bread, Korean multi-grain puff, Minion food. Hee hee.

Add Supporting Cast

Yellow mustard, whole grain mustard, and Dijon mustard on the rye bread, Vegemite on the multi-grain puff.

Add Main Characters

Open-faced ham and egg sandwich on rye bread with Picnics from the Vine, avocado “toast” on multi-grain puff, and Minion food.


Enjoy. Eat well.

Don’t walk under any ladders or cross paths with black cats today. Hee hee.

The Mouse

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Not much going on, in the kitchen anyway. Not spring cleaning, summer cleaning? Pantry diving.

The Cat’s Bowl

Normal stuff. Noodles, mirin, seaweed, sea salt, white stem cabbage, fried tofu, edamame, black-eyed peas.

The Mouse’s Mess

Frozen vegetables, sardines, those Korean puffed grain thingies, you know, edible styrofoam? Actually, The Mouse is acquiring the taste for them. What’s next? K-drama? Don’t think so. Hee hee.


Peanut butter and mixed berry preserves (from Picnics from the Vine). To counteract “fishy” breath. 🙂

The Cat has a client lunch today. Maybe more exciting pictures to come?

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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School invites employees for lunch (employee choice of day) for free, once-a-year. The Mouse decided to use the freebie past Monday.

Ham and Turkey Sandwich, Turkey Roll Up


Sandwich Cross Cut View

Ham, turkey, spinach, mustard, mayo. It is make your own sandwich after all. Hee hee.

Turkey Roll Up Detail

You had me at avocado. Hee hee.

Cookies and Brownie

Because it is cookies and brownie. Hee hee.

Pork Cutlet and Stuffing

The pork cutlet, stuffing, and cookies went home with The Mouse for his dinner.

Two meals for free! The pake in The Mouse was very happy.

And why did The Mouse decide to use the freebie on that day? Tell you about it soon. 🙂

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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