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??? years ago, The Cat landed on SPAM Land, fresh off the plane (FOP). Hey if IHOP can become IHOB, then … Hee hee.

So, since yesterday was “Independence Day”, we decided to also celebrate The Cat’s “independence day” at Yauatcha.

Rooibos Tea



Shoyu, chili sauce, pickled cucumbers, XO sauce. The Cat went for the XO sauce.

Crispy Soft Shell Crab with Almonds


Hand Pulled Noodles with Mushroom


Spicy aubergine, sato bean, okra and long bean
with peanut and dried shrimp

One of The Cat and The Mouse’s favorite dishes here.

Crispy Duck Salad

with pomelo, pomegranate and pine nuts.

Chocolate Pebble

Like a chocolate mousse thingy? Not too sweet. The white lump we think is yogurt.

Pineapple Sorbet, POG Sorbet, Kona Coffee Ice Cream

POG, passion fruit, orange, and guava. The next generation’s fruit punch. Hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse


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Start a new job today! The Cliffnotes version, interviewed yesterday, start today.

New job is near St Germain main bakery in Kalihi. Picked up some macaroons.


Not so much that The Mouse likes macaroons, they’re okay, more for the colors. 🙂


The Mouse couldn’t remember them all.

Off to work. Hee hee.

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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From a former co-worker.

Fruit Arrangement

Came tied with a happy face balloon. 🙂

And a box of chocolate dipped fruit.

Chocolate Dipped

Apples, bananas, strawberries. Yum!

Shared the chocolate dipped fruit with The Cat. Ate the whole thing yesterday. Breakfast of champions. Hee hee.

Big mahalo to M. You made The Mouse’s day!

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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The Cat’s Flatbread

One of the reasons The Cat passed on her mudd pie this past Sunday was that there were tentative plans to visit the neighborhood Italian eatery for dinner with the hope of whiskey gelato for dessert.

The Cat started off with vegetable flatbread, happy hour special.

Vegetable Flatbread

The Cat would order again.

The Mouse didn’t fare as well. An overpriced chicken salad.

Chicken Salad

Tasted good (tender greens & arugula, roasted beets, Ho Farms cherry tomato, onion, spiced mac nuts,
chevre & papaya seed vinaigrette), the portion was just too small for The Mouse, even at happy hour discount. 😦

Alas, not whiskey gelato, but blackberry chardonnay sorbet.


An acceptable substitute.

What did Meatloaf sing? Two outta three ain’t bad?

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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Odds and Ends

Still nothing much going on. The Cat had last-minute deadlines to attend to, The Mouse kinda in neutral gear.

The Mouse’s Breakfast

Raisin and vanilla sugar roll from one of the Japanese/French/German bakeries. Nom.

Fish Snack?

Not quite sure what the purpose of this food is for, snack?, condiment?, Dunno. Sent over from The Cat’s brother.

The Cat’s brother seems to like these little packages of stuff. Must be his busy work schedule and lotsa travel. Eats on the go.

The Mouse’s Lunch

That fish thingy (bottom left corner, leftover bread from The Cat’s lunch (with accompanying olive oil), canned spinach (The Mouse watched way too much Popeye cartoons small kid time).

The fish is slightly dried and spicy, over hot rice maybe, or substitute for chasiu in a soup noodle. Not bad.

Key Lime Pie

The Cat’s self-reward for dealing with the deadlines. The Cat will have to find another venue as Ryan’s Grill is closing next month. 😦

Blessings for a happy, healthy, and hopeful new year!

Enjoy. Eat well.

The Mouse

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