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The Mouse was looking for braised tendon. The usual restaurant was closed, not sure permanently or temporarily. A little “cafe” around the corner.

Wall Art
Pork Sauce Rice

Name says it all. 🙂

Chili Oil Won Ton

The won ton was good, but The Mouse still likes Kin Wah Chop Suey, still good though. 🙂

Braised Beef Tendon

A new favorite eatery for The Mouse. 🙂

The Cat wants to try next time.

Be safe, eat good.

The Mouse

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Snacking noms before Christmas dinner. Legend Chinese restaurant.

Mixed Grill

Pan-fried turnip cake, dumplings

More Mixed Grill

Stuffed eggplant, crispy tofu.

Tofu Skin Roll

Filled with ground pork.

Snowy Bao Buns

Baked bao buns topped with sugar? The top is sweet and crunchy. 🙂

Be safe,eat good.

The Mouse

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The Mouse had a doctor’s appointment, nothing serious, think Dr. Pimple Popper stuff. Ick.

After, The Mouse hunted for bread. Failed. One bakery closed on Tuesdays, one lost its baker and sold, The Mouse couldn’t find parking at the last one. Ugh!

By then, The Mouse was hungry. The edge of Chinatown. Noodle shop. Years ago, in-house hand made noodles. The Mouse thinks the thing that cannot be named took a toll on the small shop. Still there but a little dilapidated, just a little. Same owners I think.

Won Ton Mein

Noodles and won ton hand made.


Mmm! Good stuff.

The Mouse ordered a take-out for The Cat (one of the reasons The Mouse chose this place).

Braised Beef Tendon Bento

The Mouse brought his own container. Lotsa food. The Mouse took a taste. One of the best tendon dishes. Flavorful, soft, and squishy. The Cat agreed. 🙂

Stay safe, eat good.

The Mouse

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The main reason The Mouse ventured into Chinatown over the weekend was to pick up bamboo shoots in chili oil for The Cat.

Bamboo in Chili Oil

The bamboo gets her through late nights with noodles or jook.

The honey vinegar is from one of The Cat’s clients, locally made by one of the university campuses.

Part II of the dim sum haul The Mouse consumed.

Egg Tart, Char Siu Puff

The Mouse had the steamed dim sum for lunch (perishable), and the baked dim sum for dinner (less perishable and easier to reheat in the toaster oven). Nom.

On Friday, The Cat brought home a mixed berry pie slice for The Mouse.

Mixed Berry Pie

The Mouse likes the mixed berry pie the best among the variety that the Irish pub offers. 🙂

The slice is big enough for The Mouse to spread the eating over a couple of sessions. Hee hee.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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Wall Art and Dim Sum

After doctor appointment yesterday, The Mouse did a quick run into Chinatown.

Wall art in front of the parking space.

Wall Art

Kinda creepy. But one of the details caught The Mouse’s eye.


The “why” boggled The Mouse’s brain, but the drawing of the baby pig was kinda cute.

Moving on, since The Mouse was in Chinatown, did dim sum take-out. Picking up dim sum was not The Mouse’s initial purpose for heading into Chinatown.

Steamed Char Siu Bao

Regular dim sum restaurant char siu bao. Standard dim sum restaurant char siu bao. On hindsight, The Mouse should have gone to Char Hung Sut to pick up char siu bao, but The Mouse wanted to stay in Chinatown as little time as possible, he is still a little paranoid about the pandemic and crowd contact.


The meatballs were saved for The Mouse’s bento tomorrow the siu mai, the shrimp dumpling, and the chive dumpling were eaten fresh along with the char siu bao with jasmine tea. Nom.

Stay safe and well.

The Mouse

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